Saturday, 23 July 2016

A First-Timer's Account Of Depotting Makeup

I haven't had indecisiveness over a post title like this since I did the first of these posts. Anyho, the show must go on. What I really hope to convey is: a) it's not as scary as you think but...b) there could be casualties, c) have all necessary tools at hand prior to commencement and most importantly, d) all powder formulas are not created equally.

I think it was a Sunday afternoon when I finally decided to shirk off laziness and depot some eyeshadows. I'd recently purchased a limited edition Z palette and I was pretty sure that I was going to buy another at The Makeup Show New York. So I gathered my tools...

Depotting eyeshadows 101 -

Lemme back up, I watched this YouTube video and then I gathered my tools. The NYX shadows in the old packaging were easy. The mental pan housing the shadow was easily pried from its exterior plastic packaging using a knife. The new packaging - which is exactly like the M.A.C ones - was a bit more difficult. Heat was required to melt the plastic casing which surrounds the metal pan. Enter casualty numero uno: my beloved 'Dance The Tides'. *bawl*

NYX 'Dance The Tides' -
NYX 'Dance The Tides' -
NYX 'Dance The Tides' -

Either I applied the heat for too long on this spot or this product "cooks" very easily or both. Either way it would not. stop. crumbling. I vex now.

I had to continue because the real purpose of this whole depotting thing was to get enough empty M.A.C containers to get some lipsticks in the Back-To-M.A.C program. Ort, pressing on andddddddddddd the lighter runs outta gas. I hey telling myself that the makeup devil gawww be ridin' me or sumtin. But I tell myself: self, you got real nuff candles bout hey; heat could never be a problem.

Depotting Eyeshadows 101 -

I do not recommend this! You could be wondering why I didn't use the candle shown in the first photo. Well, I tried. LOL. That candle was burnt too far down to be useful; I damn near burn muhself. Then I remembered this rarely used Neom Luxury Organics candle. The plus side of using a candle is the heat is less intense, I think. I guess what I really mean is that the product isn't held as close to the naked flame, so I didn't have a recurrence of the NYX shadow problem mentioned earlier. Orrrrrrrrrr maybe it's just that M.A.C shadows are pressed more compact into their pans. I dunno. On to why I wouldn't recommend this method. Casualty number two: M.A.C 'Deep Truth'.

M.A.C 'Deep Truth' -

Maybe my hands got tired. Maybe the tweezers' grip wasn't strong enough...I dunno. I drop this shadow in that wax not once, not twice but three times. I did cussin black is blue by this time. This shadow has been in my collection for years and I absolutely loved it. My friend Karla brought this back for me from Trinidad an' all. Stupse. What's truly amazing is that I thought the shadow could have survived the first submersion due to the fact that the wax is organic. If that was a Bath and Body works candle that shadow wouldda been done from jump.

Sigh. So I get through the rest of them with just minor nicks and dings. That's par for the course with depotting. This is not an exercise I'd recommend if you don't have patience and a steady hand.

My next set of conquests were baked shadows. I was intrigued to see how this process would go since they're not in a metal pan. The two Milani shadows I depotted injury free. It's important to have a "bed" of paper towels or a cloth to rest the shadows "face down" on while the pan/tile cools. I was thinking now that these different formula shadows ain't suh bad - re: the depotting effort required - til I butt up pun casualty number three: M.A.C 'Rich Core'.

M.A.C 'Rich Core' -

This was when I learned the hard way that 'In Extra Dimension' shadows are housed on a mesh not a tile. FML! I really liked that shadow too.

Blue %$#@&*+ vex now. Dis depotting ting is bare !@$%

Then I remembered seeing Kamilah post a palette of her Wet n Wild eyeshadows so I just decided to depot those too. What could go wrong? I dun mash up muh more expensive shadows. The Wet n Wild shadows were the easiest to depot. Simply because the plastic packing is so thin that it doesn't take much heat to loosen the glue.

Wet n Wild 'Walking On Eggshells' -
Wet n Wild 'Comfort Zone' -

I started to feel like less of a failure. Time to put these babies in their new home. Z palettes come with assorted sized magnets so I attached those to the shadows when necessary. The actual palette is magnetized so metal pans stick to it with no problems.

DIY eyeshadow palette -
DIY eyeshadow palette -

There was still plenty of space in my other Z palette after I put in my new NARS blushes so I decided to depot some other NARS products. Like the original NYX packaging, the pans were easy to pry from the plastic packaging. Just slip the knife through the space between the pan and the exterior packaging and finesse it with great care. Even the mirrors in NARS compacts are depot-able :)  I think you get the most resistance in the middle of the pan where the glue was initially placed. The old Revlon eyeshadow packaging requires this same technique. While using heat does incur less hold-your-breath-cause-yuh-don't-want-to-damage-the-product moments, the way 'Dance The Tides' crumbled - and continues to crumble cause I haven't thrown it away yet - scarred me for life. And before you say "just repress the product" please know that I'm pretty DIY'd out.

The horror ain't done. Not only did I gouge my beloved 'Tribulation', I was faced with the realisation that Benefit Cosmetics evidently make the softest (or most loosely bound) blushes on the market. Trying to get this pan out of its box caused the pan to bend and the product to literally crack. I shouldda just light up de damn box.

Benefit Cosmetics 'Bella Bomba' blush -
DIY blush palette -

I think that's it. After all that stress I did muster up enough eligible empty M.A.C containers to get three free lipsticks. I also freed up a bit of space in my storage unit.

Back To M.A.C lipsticks -

I don't think I'll be depotting anything any time soon.

What about you? Let us know your depotting tips in the comments.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

#Anti-Haul | What I'm Not Gonna Buy

To find out what anti-hauls are all about and who inspired me to post my own please read the first installment. There very well might be an anti-haul every month at the rate these beauty companies are going.

Kevyn Aucoin The Neo-Bronzer 'Siena' - $58USD image

This is another item that I really had my eyes on. I mean, just look at it! Reality is though that since the products aren't separated in the pan they'll most likely just muddle together. And if I want a highlight/blush/bronzer product in one - that black people most likely can only really use as a blush - I already have 'Ritual' from Laura Mercier. Sigh. It's pretty though.

Becca Backlight Priming Filter - $38USD image

I took a sample of this with me to New York and when I tried it I was immediately impressed. I dunno if it was just because it was chilly and my skin was dry or the fact that the product wasn't a greasy shiny mess. Having the word 'light' in the title threw me off and I was kindda expecting the worst. Still, I'm not gonna part with all that money. 1. I heard Stephanie Nicole say the L'Oreal Lumi is very similar and secondly. Becca ain't acting so right these days. These brands dun get more than enough of our money man.

Jeffree Star Skin Frosts - $29USD

'King Tut' image

What am I gonna do with 15 grams of highlighter? Notwithstanding my reluctance to put any more of my money in this man's pocket. No. Just, no.

Surratt Beauty Artistique Face Brush - $230USD image

I'm sure this brush is fantastic but the most I'm spending on a brush is Chikuhodo Z1. Troy Surratt you keep your expensive tools soul. Laura Lee recently did a video about this particular brush.

Christian Louboutin Loubilaque Lip Lacquer - $85USD

Rouge Louboutin image

Oh Louboutin, how they catch our eyes with pretty packaging. Sigh. When the promo pictures for this released I thought it was a liquid lipstick; I was gonna get one to add to the plenty others that I'm yet to review. But alas, it's a lip gloss. And if recent reviews are to be believed, they smell terrible and some colours are patchy. Here's Tati's thoughts on the line:

$85 for a lip gloss. Yeah, you tried it.

Let us know what new beauty products you have your eye on in the comments.