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Faves In Five | Current Favourites

Well uuuhhhh this is awkward πŸ˜” Actually, what had happened was...between migraines and a wisdom tooth extraction I din much use tuh muh self for a while. My humblest apologies. I hope you've still been rocking with #TeamModen on Facebook and Instagram.

Now let's clear away some cobweb and talk favourites.

Bath and Body Works Tiare Monoi Body Oil 

"Tiare monoi oil, made from Tahitian gardenia blossoms steeped in coconut oil, has been a beloved skin-conditioning secret throughout Polynesian history. Our illuminating Tiare Monoi Body Oil leaves skin feeling soft and beautiful with a long-lasting, subtle sheen." Great scent and a little shimmer for that extra glow πŸ™ŒAvailable from InYOUvations for $27.50BDS.

NARS Lip Gloss 'Stolen Kisses'
"Sparkling Caramel Pink." My wife sent this for me and I am most grateful. I must have never tried a NARS gloss before because this formula was a new experience for me. The formula isn't sticky but it still lasts. &…

Top Five | Sephora Spring VIB Sale 2018

It's that time again...when we load up our virtual carts and spend more than we should 😁

The Spring 2018 sale starts tomorrow (like 3 am our time).

I'm going to share five new recommendations and wish list items with you. Of course you can search the blog for 'favourites' to see a plethora suggestions. Everything I mentioned here I still use and enjoy.

Wish List

Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 - $28USD image
Stephanie Nicole raved about this product a while ago and then recently I saw Eshani say that it really works. My hair is currently bleached and colour treated so any help I can get to make it stronger is very welcome.

Too Faced 'Sex On The Peach' Complexion Set - $45USD image
Yuh know how we feel about value sets around here 😍 This one contains a full size Better Than Sex Mascara ($23USD) and Peach Perfect Setting Powder ($32USD) thereby making the set well worth the price.
Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blend Brush - $…

Product Rave | Therapi ' Orange Blossom' Honey Gel Cleanser

This is an odd situation: I'm about to rave about this product but I don't think you can purchase it locally anymore. Pure Source Barbados put this entire brand on sale after they were having supply issues and now it's not listed on their website πŸ˜• I promised to tell you about some cleansers I was using and this is one of them.

International readers, the Therapi website currently has it listed as "in stock" so here goes.

"With uplifting orange blossom and lavender, revitalizing raw honey and purifying extracts of yucca, this heavenly scented non-foaming cleanser is supercharged with phyto-nutrients and enzymes to gently cleanse the skin and remove impurities whilst maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Leaves skin clean and refreshed without stripping for a smooth bright complexion.

Balancing – For all skin types. Suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:

Massage into wet skin using fingertips or with a natural konjac sponge. Rinse with warm water."

Mask Monday | Bath and Body Works 'Cool As A Cucumber' Face Sheet Mask

Disclaimer: this product was provided by InYOUvations. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Are all sheet masks the same?

From the Bath and Body Works website: "Fragrance: Cucumber & Aloe Extracts.

Overview: Our calm & cooling face sheet mask with cucumber & aloe extracts is designed to infuse your skin with supercharged ingredients. Put your freshest face forward with this light, cooling mask. Trade your dry winter woes for skin that glows! 

Usage: Apply mask to dry, clean face for 10-15 minutes. Remove mask and massage excess product into skin. 

More info: Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water. Face masks are designed for one-time use only."

This package contained less product than the Boscia Hydrogel Mask so it wasn't a hassle to get it on. It actually fit my face pretty well.

After the suggested time I removed the mask and massaged the product residue into my skin. Let's say 10 minutes face f…

Save or Splurge | SPF

In this scenario especially, the term "splurge" is very relative. For this category, my idea of splurge looks like this:

Bioderma product seen in Aqua Pharmacy
Whereas someone else's might look like this:

If you're a sunscreen purists, i.e. only use mineral protectors (Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide), the choices are more clear cut. If you don't mind chemical sunscreens, they're options a-plenty. Whatever you do, make sure you're protected from both UVA and UVB rays. Read about both types here.

I'd say splurge when it comes to sunscreen; especially if you don't wear makeup. As you've seen me say numerous times, sunscreen is essential to treating hyperpigmentation.

If you do wear makeup and have oily skin, I'd recommend incorporating a primer that contains adequate SPF into your routine. Dry skin folks don't have to worry about piling on the layers πŸ˜‰

As for the numbers, I've read that more does not equal better. Plus, the only way …

Letting Go

Just your friendly reminder to declutter your collection πŸ˜ƒ


I didn't use these up from the 2016 Makeup Use-Up and their formula has changed. Seems like I never did a finale post for that challenge 😳 well ummm, I'm pretty sure I threw away those M.A.C Pro Longwear Lip Pencils as well. Yeah, I definitely did.
Passing on
M.A.C Extra Dimension Skinfinish 'Shaft of Gold' Jouer Powder Highlighter 'Tan Lines' LORAC Pro Palette
Follow The Moden Makeup Marketplace if you want to know when new or slightly used products are available for amazing prices.

The Tarte foundation was too red and once the M.A.C concealer packaging fell apart I just couldn't be bothered.

Check out my Instagram for nail polish swatches.

The scent of that Rimmel ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal changed so I had to throw it away. Everything else I was barely using so it was best to let them find new homes πŸ˜†

What have you decluttered recently? What's your least used type of makeup product…