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Blush Combo - Sleek 'Flushed' and NYX 'Diva'

Let the updates continue....

I first mentioned this blush combination on our facebook page exactly one year ago. My my, how de blush collection has multiplied since then. At the time I was very into "berry" tone blushes and loved what they did for women of colour.

posted on our Facebook page May 23, 2012
Nyx 'Diva' and Sleek 'Flushed' (thank God for Instagram filters and effects)

Sleek blushes are infamous for their high pigmentation and relatively low cost. The only challenge is getting the products as it is a UK based company. Thankfully Essential Trends, a local supplier, has them available ever so often; and even better for me, my friend Katrina who is studying in London often hooks me up *fist pump*

NYX products are readily available in Barbados via Exotica Makeup. These cream blushes in particular are also very pigmented. The trouble some people have with them is that they are very emollient, so people with oily skin would shy away since they do not want to look like an "oil slick". Application tip: I find that applying a small amount with my figures and blending well into the skin alleviates this problem.
The method of layering a powder blush over a cream one adds longevity to the look and can provide interesting dimension to the face, depending on the colours used.

So, do I still love them?

 Sleek Blush by 3 available from Essential Trends

I now own two of Sleek's Blush by 3s (Pink Sprint and Sugar) and I love them! Check out my rave on keek. Amazing products and worth the price. I also purchased another of the NYX cream blushes in Orange but subsequently gave it to Heidi when I realised that I prefer their Stick Blush which came to market afterwards.

posted on our Facebook page August 14, 2012

So there you have it, I am very much still a fan of this blush combination and would recommended it to anyone. Just remember when working with pigmented products it's easier to add than take away. 

What are your favourite blush combinations? Let me know in the comments.

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