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Welcome Moden Mavenz

Welcome to our new blog.

As a special treat to our facebook fans, we're going to go through alllllllllllllllll those wall posts you thoroughly enjoyed and provide updates on the products mentioned. Funny enough one of the first pictures I posted on May 11, 2012 was of the Essie collection available in Collins. This was the first time we were hearing of Essie polishes available in Bridgetown.
One year later and this is the only Essie collection Collins has had on their shelves. Crazy right?!
So what do we think of them? One word: LOVE. 

  This lavender is Essie 'Play Date'

Essie 'A Cut Above' <--- GORGEOUS

Essie's cream finishes are very "self levelling" and opaque in two most (one if you're good). The glitter polish is not overly troublesome to remove. Overall, we give this product 2 Thumbs Up. A whole year later and we're still smitten. 

What would like an update on next? Let us know in the comments.

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