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A Quick Word on Hoarding image

Stop it!

I know how easy it is as a make-up enthusiast/shopaholic to amass more products than you could ever seriously use in nine life times. Worst off are us beauty bloggers who can hide under the guise of "I'm buying it to review". Let's be real, buying more stuff just leads to buying more stuff to store it in and that's a staircase to oblivion.

Here are my tips on how to avoid the hoarding trap:

1. Get a tester
I know in Barbados getting a tester feels like finding the pink mento; but it can't hurt to ask. If the issue is the retailer not having a sample container, walk with your own. The ability to test before we buy would save us a lot of money and heartache. Are you listening Cave Shepherd?!

2. Only buy what you really like.
Allow me to offer up myself as an example. Errrrrrbody knows I love blush; recently I acknowledged - yes, acknowledged. I does have to come to grips wid muhself - that I use concealer a lot more than anything else in my collection. I prefer to spot conceal and powder rather than using foundation for day to day. Given what I've just disclosed, tell me what I'm doing with so many eyeshadows?

Yes, I love to go through my collection and give you the Colour Series posts on Instagram and Facebook, but in reality I mostly use neutral shadows with the occasional pop of colour. Boring, I know.
So please, learn from my mistakes, buy what you know you will use. What about testing new products? Good question.
I still only buy what I know I will use, or what I know I could possibly pass on to Heidi if it doesn't work out for me. Which leads me nicely to...

Our 'Feeling Blue' Colour Series

3. Share with your friends.
Very often we have friends with a range of skin tones, so if a colour product does work for you pass it on to someone that would get more use out of it. Love you Janelle! You could even arrange swaps amongst make-up lovers - count me in.

4. Have a "blog" sale.
Blog sales allow patrons to try a host of items at a discounted price. Most times, products have only been swatched or barely used. At Moden Makeup we're planning to have a Workshop and blog sale every couple of months. All sale items will be thoroughly sanitized and we still encourage customers to disinfect them again.

Be sure to subscribe by entering you email address in the box under 'Keep In De Do'.

So, are you using all the items in your stash? Let me know I'm not the only one struggling in the comments. image


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