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Would I Repurchase? Clarisonic Mia 2

Now that these babies are finally available locally, it's time for an update.

"Avid makeup wearers know that it is very important to get ALL your makeup off at the end of the day. This tool is perfect for that. (Sourced via T.E.A.M Imports)"
 Posted August 9, 2012 "REVIEW: If you wear makeup regularly, you know it's very important to get it off completely. This tool is very good at that. Coupled with a good cleanser, it greatly reduces the risk of clogged pores. If you use it everyday, the brush head must be replaced every 3 months. Do you need all the varying type of brush heads? No. Cons: must be imported and thus expensive. So ask for it as a Christmas gift. (Sourced via T.E.A.M Imports)" Posted November 1, 2012
[Click photo to purchase]
Well as I've posted on facebook, Clarisonic products are now available in Bio Beauty, Coconut Walk, Hastings.

"Look what I found in Bio Beauty! Mia 2 - $415, Aria $525 and Pro $590" Posted August 23, 2013
I'm ve…

I Got Purple Problems

Upon preparing this recent post I realised a trend, I have purple problems. I don't know what it is about the colour but it keeps turning up in my makeup collection... A LOT. And before you ask, my favourite "colour" is black. Apparently black is a tone not a de graphic pros tell muh.

All the fun is on Instagram
Out of four Maybelline Vivids I only kept Brazen Berry
M.A.C. Heroine lip glass and liner are must haves for purple lovers
Upon a recent iMart rummage with my friend Katrina, she pointed out that I have loads of purple nail polishes as well. I scoffed at her...until I was preparing for the blog sale. The only one I could part with was the O.P.I mini in 'You're Such A Buhda-Pest'. siggghhhhhhhh

I've heard many women of colour on YouTube say that purple looks great on us. I have to agree; and they're so many shades that you just have to play around till you find the one that accentuates your skin tone best. From nail polish to eyeshadow…

Give-away #5 [CLOSED]

The year is moving swiftly along huh?

We're absolutely loving the feedback back from you on the blog. Be sure to keep up with Heidi and I on keek because that's where you get a lot of information in real time. Mini vlogs if yuh please!

But I digress. This toss were focusing on the eyes. Personally, eyeliner is still something I'm yet to master. As Heidi rightly said, I need to practise more. Hopefully I'm not alone on this quest and this give-away can help someone who's in the same boat. For the Pros, these will be welcomed additions.

Give-away #5
If you're a fan of the facebook page, you would have seen that we were in love with the Maybelline Color Tattoos from the time we got our hands on them. These can be used as a liner to add a pop of colour, a coloured base for powder eyeshadows or a stand alone eye colour. In my experience they can be applied with your fingers or a synthetic brush. We're giving you a chance to win the colours Pomegranate Punk and Ed…

Current Top Five Lipsticks

I just re-watched Heidi's and I video on this topic posted in May, I'm still laughing.
I should have prefaced it by saying I barely wear lipstick. In the video I listed merely one product that is an actual lipstick; I mostly just can't be bothered. I'm not the "touch up" kindda girl so anything low maintenance gets my attention. If you're a lippie fan you know that bright colours need attention, especially if you're going to be eating and drinking. That said, when Heidi posted her recent video on her favourite purple, pink and red lipsticks I thought it was time to update you on mine.

Favourite red: MAC 'Deeply Adored' from the Marilyn Monroe Collection

MAC can only catch my attention now with special packaging
The only thing I can say it that it makes me feel grown. I love blue based reds, as you can see from the photo above, and this one has just the right tone and formula. Amazing.

Favourite pink: Wet n' Wild 'Cherry Picking'


Letting Go...

*cue music* "It's so haarrrdddddd to say goodbyyyyyeeeeee to yesterdayyyyyyyy eeeeeeeee"

I know, I know. Don't give up my night job.

This topic is very interesting to me. Even before this beauty blogger journey started I was the type to try to find every which way possible to make products work. Not quite hoarder status...but not far from. Throwing something away was the absolute last resort. Well, since working with Moden Makeup, I've come to the harsh realisation that I have too many things to try for this to continue. Wherever possible, I pass things on to someone that could put it to good use but unfortunately some things do have to be tossed. The silver lining here is hopefully I discover those items fast enough so I can make sure you don't waste your money too.

Here a few things I'm finally giving up on and why.

Casualty: e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner
Reason: Dried up inna jiffy

Yeah, that happened. This is especially sad because the colour is gorgeous.


Thank You!/Blog Sale

The blog sale was a success. I was so pleased to meet so many of you in person. Thank you for the tips, recommendations and of course for supporting the #TeamModen cause.
A huge thank you also goes out to our peers: Jolie CosmeticsMiss B's Beauty and Sparkle jewellery. Thanks for the company, laughs and assistance with bringing great deals to the people. Kudos for braving the killer heat! We look forward to working with you again in December. New retailers interested in partnering with us should contact Heidi via If you have high quality beauty/fashion products at reasonable prices, we're interested in talking to you.

We know a lot of you were interested in the blog sale but couldn't make it on Saturday. Please feel free to click on the links listed above to purchase items from the noted retailers. They have great products at amazing prices.

Avon nail polishes available from Miss B's Beauty: $5
By popular request here's a list of the persona…

Give-away #4 [CLOSED]

We truly love all the support you've given us on our facebook page. We've endeavoured to bring you relevant information via the social media platforms we have available. For a more personalised service, don't hesitate to contact Heidi for one-on-one consultations via She's a 'one stop shop': hair, nails and skin.

And now, on to the meat of the matter. In last month's give-away, I asked what your favourite blushes were and boy did I enjoy reading those comments. I certainly have loads of new recommendations to add to my wish list. This month's prize was planned months ago and I was so pleased to see that a few of you are already familiar with the awesome products that Sleek Cosmetics produces. I love their blushes in particular because they are very pigmented, reasonably priced (considering it's a UK based company and the import duties in Barbados are craycray) and they blend well.

From my Beauty At Bmex post
I purchased the Blu…