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M.A.C Technique and Haul

Tools provided for the class. The notebook and pencil were for keeps.

#TeamModen celebrating winners one give-away at a time

As I mentioned in this post, M.A.C Techniques are a great way to learn tips, meet up with fellow makeup lovers and get information on the latest M.A.C products. The recent ones I've attended have cost $200 each which is redeemable in product from the store. Saturday's class was a beginner course where Sabrina, the Regional Trainer, took the attendees through achieving a flawless base, modifying a current runway trend for everyday wear and manipulating different lip products for a bold lip. 

Sabrina (left) and her model

A close up of the model 

From my experience with these workshops, I've attended approximately 4 by now, the newer lines/products are highlighted. This time around it was all about the Prep + Prime Beauty Balm, Pro Longwear (foundation and Paint Pots) and Sheen Supreme Lipglass tint. The class was well attended and everyone seemed to have a good time.

M.A.C Artists assisting the participants

I didn't know it was a beginner class but I'm still glad I went. I got the opportunity to ask Sabrina a lot of questions - I harassed her actually - and got some tips from Vandana about creating an easy two product (pearl glide eye pencil and paint pot) eye look. Vandana was very hands on with her section and full of suggestions regarding products and techniques. Stop stabbing your eyes Natalie! *cackle*

Vandana applying some finishing touches

Fellow beauty blogger Nakita getting some blending assistance. Check out her blog here.

All in all it was a good time. The refreshments were good too :D Ronelle, our give-away winner, said she enjoyed it as well.

Lucky give-away #6 winner

Andrea is all smiles

Victoria is addicted to pink lipstick

I just wanted to swatch the Paint Pots

So after all this information and testing what did we purchase? Of course we both went over the $200. Le sigh.

Unfortunately, the Broad Street branch was out of the complexion products that would have matched us. Bummer! So Ronelle took the opportunity to get a couple staples: Fix+, lip conditioner, 'Spiked' brow pencil and the brow set. She was very impressed with the lip products she used during the workshop so she also picked up 'Nightmoth' lip pencil and the Sheen Supreme lipglass in 'Heart & Soul'.

Ronelle's haul

I really wanted to get the purple pearl glide eye pencil that Vandana recommended but they were out of that too. Limegrove has it, so I have to make a trek up them bank account will not be pleased. Apart from that I really didn't have anything in mind. Then I remembered a product MakeupByTiffanyD was raving about and decided to cop that. As per usual, my mind is always on giving back to you so I got a few beauties for the next give-away.

Top row: 'Rougemarine' Nail Lacquer, 'Layin' Low' Pro Longwear Paint Pot and 'Cherry' Lip Pencil.
Bottom row: Travel size Fix+, 'Peach Lustre' Prep + Prime Highlighter and 'Rule' Matte Eye Shadow.

What's mine and what's for the give-away? You gotta stay tuned to find out!

Visit keek for more footage of the M.A.C Technique and resulting shopping trip.

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