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QR | Clinique Acne Solutions Sample | Will I Buy?

Hey Everyone!

Before I get into the QR (Quick Review) I MUST give a shout out to Sharon Cadogan, her makeup was FIERCE!! (hope I got the name correct :S, apologies if I didn't)! She hailed me up in Sheraton yesterday and it was so nice meeting her and her daughter! Thanks for the follow, and if you see Lucinda or myself please give us a shout. WE love meeting you!!

I LOVE trying new products BUT with this fairweather skin I have, my options are usually limited to testing eyeshadows, primers and lip products. Oh and a mascara here and there. So Proactiv (which I recently reordered) has become a goooood friend of mine. But I digress...

T.E.A.M Imports orders samples on occasion, and I was the fortunate recipient of this product. The Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel. Now it has been my experience with using Clinique on the affected areas that it BURNS. And I kinda like it. In my mind it means the product is working.

This is what I received. Love it! 
So does it work? Heck yea! This product works for me. But I warn you and so does the packaging, it can be a little drying as with most products containing primarily salicylic acid tend to be. I had a BADDD breakout the last two weeks. My usual pre-menstrual breakout had me looking like I had THE worst case of acne this side of the Caribbean Sea. So desperate was I to get rid of this infestation of face demons that I changed my sheets and pillowcases, towels (one for face, one for body) and added an extra wash of the Povidone Iodine Scrub I use for good measure. Then I saw this sample on my vanity. The angels sang as I dabbed it onto the cluster of white capped zits on my cheeks. By the next morning, the affected areas were no longer infected or apparently affected, this was with continued use over a two week period. I can now say I only have my usual annoying and LARGE postmenstrual pimple.

Yay!! I am overjoyed. I love the Zitzapper from e.l.f, but Clinique is the business. I will definitely be ordering a full size of this product from our friends at T.E.A.M and after a whole month of use I will come back with a full review of this wonderment!

Comment below and tell us what your favourite acne solutions are!

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