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Would I Repurchase? Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion

To tone or not to tone? That is the question.

Toner has always been a thing I thought I needed. I guess the "cleanse, tone, moisturise" mantra was firmly embedded when I became conscious of having to take care of my skin. Fun Fact: the first "skin care" product I ever used was Nadinola, as recommended by my guardian. Whaddup Mummy!
I can't remember who recommended the Clinique clarifying lotion to me but I've gone through four bottles of the stuff. The packaging states: "gentle, exfoliating formula clears dead surface cells and reduces excess oil that can lead to breakouts. Unclogs pores". At rest, it's a transparent liquid with an opaque white soluble at the bottom. You have to shake it vigorously before each use to mix the components.
posted on our Facebook  page on July 9, 2012

posted on our Facebook page on March 28, 2013

Before using this clarifying lotion I was a staunch witchhazel girl. (A cheaper alternative by far since the Clinique costs between $32 - $47). I still keep a bottle in the fridge. Old habits die hard. Even sweeter still was when I discovered they now come in cleansing pads. If you travel a lot, those are for you.

But I digress...
Persons with combination/oily skin, like myself, get trapped (dare I say) in just wanting their skin to just feel clean. Sadly, we end up using rather harsh products to achieve this. And this is where the Clinique and I have to break up. MUA Amanda Cummins put me on to Caroline Hirons, a skincare expert, who likened my beloved Clinique toner to nail polish remover! *gasp* She doesn't like witch hazel either.
After reading her blog I got the memo. Toner is supposed to be an additional exfoliating/moisturising step not a strip-all-the-life-from-your-skin process. You can read more on her thoughts about toner here.

So you probably guessed that I will not be repurchasing this product but rather be on the hunt for the perfect toner that balances and hydrates my skin. I recently purchased one from the REN line and of course I'll keep you posted.

Do you use a toner? If yes, which one? 

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