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Product Rave: Neom Organic Treatment Candles

Ok, so it isn't a beauty product but I'm still loving it.

A couple months ago I posted this picture on our facebook page. I had decided to try these candles after not really enjoying the Air Wick ones I purchased from the supermarket. The apple cinnamon one is aiiite.

Neom Luxury Organics Candle haul
[Click photo to shop]
Minis in 'Sensuous' and 'Tranquillity'

Pure Source Barbados is located on the first floor of Limegrove Lifestyle Centre and houses brands that produce natural or pre-dominantly natural products. The staff are courteous and informative...and they let me take pictures! #shade Cave Shepherd

Neom Organic Treatment Candles in PureSource Barbados
left to right: 'Real Luxury', 'Happiness', 'Restore' and 'Serenity'

Travel Neom Organic Treatment Candles in PureSource Barbados
Special Christmas packaging

Neom Organic Treatment Candles in PureSource Barbados
left to right: 'Contentment', 'Sensuous', 'Refresh' and 'Harmonise' 

From the site: "Neom Organics, Natural Magic candles are 100% natural and organic and unlike almost all conventional candles (which contain paraffin wax and synthetic oils), they burn cleanly with no black soot deposit and none of the fumes that can contain various carcinagenic toxins. The clean, pure vegetable wax base is scented with the best quality organic aromatherapy oils. They are also twice the size of the average candle (1kg) and with 3 wicks and over 55 hours of burn time. Burning the candles or spraying the Treatment Mists in the home is like having an aromatherapy treatment; they work holistically, having an overall recuperative effect depending on the type of essential oils they contain".

Each display card outlines the notes of its respective candle; so if you're familiar with essential oils, you'll know what to expect. Novices like me can just sniff the candles on display to get an idea of what they'd prefer. Now these candles are more expensive than the Bath and Body Works ones but that must be due to the purer ingredients being used. The minis are suggested for personal use (bedroom/bathroom) while the larger 3 wick size is recommended for greater open spaces. Of course you could burn the larger ones in your bedroom/bathroom too.

Neom Luxury Organics Price list in PureSource Barbados

As listed above the brand also makes diffusers, room mists, body oils and lotions. So if candles aren't your thing you can still enjoy the lovely scents and get on this smell good train.

Neom Luxury Organics products in PureSource Barbados
Neom Luxury Organics products in PureSource Barbados

I'm a big fan of lavender so instantly I was drawn to the 'Tranquillity' (notes: English Lavender, Basil and Jasmine) products. After using both candles, 'Sensuous' (notes: Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Patchouli) is my clear favourite. It's just amazing!

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