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Top Ten Brushes for 2013

Hands down, brushes have been the most expensive things I have purchased this year. Starting with Hakuhodo and ending with Marc Jacobs (neither of which I have used yet so they're not on this list). As Wayne Goss said, you can still achieve great looks with inexpensive makeup if you have the right tools.

You gotta know by now that my focus is usually on achieving flawless skin so this will feature primarily face brushes. Here are a few of my splurges and steals.

e.l.f Powder Brush

I literally just told you that this brush was one of my standouts for the year. I'm impressed that e.l.f can make such a good brush at that price.

e.l.f Powder Brush -
Available from iMart and Get Set
posted on our Facebook page December 28, 2012

Louise Young Super Blusher Brush LY06

In my hunt for the perfect blush brush I purchased this one and I was not disappointed. This brush not only blends out highly pigmented blushes to perfection but it also layers softer/lesser pigment ones to give your desired effect. The tiered bristles are soft and wash easily. This is another brush that highlighted my love for short handles. It's also amazing for applying finishing powders.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush

I love this for the same reasons as the e.l.f one. This brush's rounded shape also make it suitable for applying/blending blush. It is less densely packed than the Sigma Sigmax brushes thus making it easier to use with powder foundations. Of the entire Real Techniques face line, this and the Expert Face Brush are my favourite.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush -
The Buffing Brush is available in the Core Collection

M.A.C 109

I've said countless times that M.A.C's eye brushes are better than their face ones - most shed like a mofo - but I still have a few favourites. The 109 tops the list simply because of its shape. It's perfect for blush application and blending.

Bdellium tools 769

Impressive. Great for: blending and setting under concealer, applying and blending brow highlight, and precise application of eyeshadow on the outer v. It's also softer than two face brushes I've tried from this brand. Available locally from Colour Coded.

posted on our Facebook page April 11, 2013
"REVIEW: bdellium tools 769 brush. Truly an all rounder. You can use it to apply shadow all over the lid or just use the edge to blend out the crease; also to apply highlighter to the brow bone (bonus tip: apply ABOVE the highest point of your arch for real drama). 

My favourite way to use this brush is to apply loose powder to set my under eye concealer".

Hourglass No. 2

Every Hourglass product I have Josh Collier made me buy. Made me. He's that convincing. I first thought that the bristles were way too long, but that gives the brush such an ease of movement that's just beautiful. Blush, finishing powder and foundations just blend like a dream. That's a YouTube term if there ever was one. This brush is in serious competition with the Marc Jacobs bronzer brush for the most well made. Hourglass just exudes luxury. I'm getting excited just thinking about it.

Shiseido Perfect Foundation Brush

This is where my love affair with short handle brushes began. The name says it all. This is a pocket rocket. The bristles are densely packed so liquid foundations are buffed into nothingness; and I don't mean that the brush eats the product. I moisten my brush with e.l.f Mist and Set and let the pocket rocket do the work. Its small angled slant also make it perfect for contouring and highlighting. Did I mention that it was perfect? The first time I used this you would swear we were taping a Herbal Essence ad.

ecoTools Round Powder Brush

ecoTools is known for their eco-conscious beauty products. Their Round Powder Brush has a similar shape to the Real Techniques one but its bristles are less densely packed so the movement is even easier. I especially love to use this to even out the edges of my blush if I've applied too much, which happens often. This is also perfect for touch ups since you can apply as much or as little powder as you wish. I really love their Tapered Blush Brush but this one stole the show this year.

Purchased from Bio Beauty
posted on our Facebook page on November 6, 2013

Sigma Sigmax Collection Precise Round (P82)

I am ashamed to tell you how long I had this entire Sigmax set and never used the eye brushes. Sigh. Ah well, better late than never and now I feel like I've unearthed treasure. I am sooooooooo lazy when it comes to eye makeup; I fail horribly at eyeliner, so the only thing I revel in is mascara. This brush is slowly switching the game up. If you are a "one and done" girl like me try putting a shimmery/duo chrome cream shadow on your lid then blend that into the crease with this amazing brush. POW - looked like you spent half hour on that look when it took less than five minutes.

Along this makeup enthusiast journey, I leave the artistry for Heidi, I have come to realise that lay down shadow brushes are a dime a dozen. Those white handle ones from e.l.f work just fine.  What really matters in looking 'beat for the gods' is your blending skill. This eye brush is a cult favourite for its soft airy bristles. Hold the handle closer to the end for the perfect dispersal of product to make your transitions seamless.

A special shout out goes to brush guards! They're a must.

See you tomorrow at Art Splash from 9 am for the blog sale. 

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