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'Make Out 2014'

That isn't as juicy as it sounds.

A few weeks ago I threw out a little challenge on our Facebook page asking who'd be interested in going on a little strict shopping list with me for the year. No takers. LOL. 'Make out 2014' is not my concept but rather a huge feat YouTube vlogger Christine undertook last year to get out of the madness of having to be up on the latest; and as a result amassing huge amount of products she couldn't possibly get through in six lifetimes. She took inventory of what she had, decided what she wanted her ideal collection to be cut down to and then resolved that she was only going to purchase 10 items for 18 months. This appeals to me cause you already know how I feel about hoarding plus the blogger thing can easily become overwhelming if you don't stop and take stock ever so often. Example: those mascara reviews, like I gine ever catch up? Meanwhile the pile of unopened ones is still growing. #FirstWorldProblems

I'm putting my own twist on this and trying to just purchase 14 new products i.e. things launched in 2014. I had to make this amendment since I made up in my mind before Christmas to obtain everything on My Wish List. I simply have been lusting after those things for too long.
Just to be clear, this challenge doesn't include anything I purchase for our give-aways or gifts. Now you may wonder, what content are we gonna have review wise if I'm cutting back on makeup shopping. Well firstly, I bought so many things last year I haven't even scratched the surface on those reviews. Secondly, we will still be listening to your suggestions and queries so please let us know the products you really want to try. We are still the premier option for knowing what's new on the shelves in Barbados and that's always going to be something worth writing about :D Be sure to keep up with us on FacebookInstagram and Keek. Finally, Heidi thinks I'm crazy and will not be joining me so stay tuned for plenty new product reviews from her.
At the end of the year, I'm hoping to have: used up some products, tested everything I purchased last year and have 14 new things that I truly think was worth the money. Now you must come along to encourage and police the situation!



More shoes, more travelling, more dinners and more outings are on the cards for me in 2014

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