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Top Ten Base Products for 2013

Alright folks, we're winding down.

To do a Top Ten Foundations post would be stretch cause it'll probably just be a rehash of this video. If you've been following the blog though you know that perfecting the face is what I spend the most time on. Admittedly, I don't have the worst acne or scarring but I do suffer from post acne hyper pigmentation because I can't help but to squeeze the 'face demons' as Heidi calls them. Terrible I know.

So the following are my favourite things for achieving that flawless face.

Serum - Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

Just to be clear, I still use my Lancome Visionnaire but this baby came in and switched da game up. On loaaaaads of face serums/lotions/balms you will see the claim of "evens out skin tone". Not many of them actually do. As I've said before, moisturized skin automatically looks more youthful and even. *cue Katt Williams voice* this product right here... this one evens out your skin tone. This became blatantly evident to me one day as I using a foundation I will mention later, which all the while before matched the perimeter of my face quite well, suddenly looked starkly red based on my jaw line. Like I mentioned in the video linked above, the majority of us are yellow toned in the center of our faces and red at the perimeter. This serum is expensive though, so get a sample first if you're interested.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair -
As seen in Cave Shepherd

Eye Treatment - M.A.C Fast Response Eye Cream 

For people like me who don't get enough sleep. I've told you before that I use this everyday. And when those eyes are really puffy, go over it with their Vibrancy Eye Primer.

Sunscreen - Clarins Ecran Multi-Protection SPF 40

The number one thing Jenai (my aesthetician) was very strict about when I started my chemical peel treatments was the consistent use of sunscreen. The thing that stuck in my head the most was its benefit of stopping my existing hyper-pigmentation from getting darker. Thus began the search for the best one. What I appreciate about the Clarins formula is that it's lightweight, somewhat mattifying upon application, and doesn't have you looking like you bathed in olive oil after a few hours. Be careful not to use too much as it can look ashy; but if you're applying makeup over it that really doesn't matter. As you can see from the packaging, this product is heavy duty so it definitely will boost the SPF protection in the foundation/bb cream/tinted moisturizer you're using. Something I notice in the directions on a lot of sun protection products is the fact that you have to reapply every few hours. O_o Who's taking off their makeup to reapply sunblock? The Clarins doesn't have that re-apply instruction anywhere.

Clarins Ecran Multi-Protection SPF 40 -

Primer - Phillips Milk of Magnesia

Best thing for people with combination/oily skin. Last year I discovered that I don't care for silicone based primers because I always go back to this. What I realised recently, is that this still works under glowy/dewy foundations. So now us oily face girls can get that natural look with a luminous foundation without it going overboard during the day where we end up looking like we ran a marathon.

posted on our Facebook page January 9, 2013: "Just for Liz Veeravalli, how I combat “oil slick face”: 1. Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a primer. 2. Apply a long-wearing foundation placing the majority of the product on the parts of your face that actually need it. 3. Blot the excess with a Bounty tissue. 4. Apply a long wearing concealer. 5. Blot the excess. 6. Apply an oil absorbing finishing/setting powder to the most oil prone parts of the face. 7. Set everything with a setting spray, generously.
I personally can't be bothered with touch ups but many people take oil absorbing sheets with them or a blot powders to refresh their look. - Lucinda"

Liquid Foundation - black|Up Fluid Foundation

I gushed enough about this in the video. With continued use I can certainly say it's my favourite for nighttime outings and it really made me appreciate air pump dispensers.

posted on our Facebook page December 6, 2012: "REVIEW: black Up's fluid foundation. Pros: nice colour range, pump dispenser, blends very well, matte finish (excellent with milk of magnesia as a primer). Cons: price. Would be wonderful if it was less expensive. Best applied with a kabuki style brush or damp blending sponge. (Product purchased from the black Up counter in Cave Shepherd, $100+"

Cream Foundation - Iman Second to None Cream to Powder Foundation

The easiest foundation to apply. Especially if you're like me and just cover your hyper-pigmented areas, set all over with a powder and go. I apply it with my fingers, the formula blends effortlessly. A full review of this product can be viewed here. My sole issue with this is the packaging; the top part of my compact is totally detached. But I just love this product.

Setting Powder - Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder

This was a hard call because I still use my M.A.C Studio Fix regularly but the Revlon one wins because I literally bore a hole in this last year. Its red undertone corrected the overly yellow liquid foundations I have. It isn't as heavy/pigmented a powder as the M.A.C which worked well on the days that I just concealed my problem areas and applied the powder all over. Perfect 'no makeup makeup look'. Check me freaking out that I hit pan here.

Concealer (under eye) - Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

I raved about this concealer in our May favourites video but Heidi like she cut um out.

Back then I said three little dots and you're good to go but if you have itty bitty eyes like mine you need even less. This product is so pigmented. It's astounding. It's on my products I would repurchase list. If you use the right amount it won't settle into fine line lines. There are so many rave reviews about this on YouTube, just Google it man.

Concealer (face) - M.A.C Mineralize Concealer

Ain't nothing I love like painting this baby on the problem spots, setting with the Revlon ColorStay powder and pushing off. Unlike the red atrocity that is the NC50 Pro Longwear concealer, this in NC50 is actually a good colour match. The brush tip applicator makes it a breeze to get on, just blend in however you prefer. My only wish is that it had more longevity but this Mineralized line is all about that natural look.

Liquid Highlighter - YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Luminizing Pen

A concealer, highlighter, and colour corrector (depending on the shade) in one. Hands down, the best product I used in 2013. Simply because disguising under eye fatigue is something I often have to do. The click pen dispenser is way better than those wind up versions and the brush applicator is just the right size. Most incredible fact: this does not need to be set. In fact, don't bother to set it. Some powders over this make the under eye look crepey. It blends into the skin like unicorn tears. Applying this after the Fast Response Eye Cream? Dynamic duo. From the site: "Capture 8 hours of sleep with the click of a pen. With a few strategic strokes of this award-winning complexion highlighter—dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue virtually disappear. Powered by the radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex, skin is instantly illuminated, so you look rested and refreshed—even if you’ve been up for hours. Sleek and sophisticated, it discretely slips into a makeup bag for quick touch-ups anytime. It’s the one beauty essential no woman should ever be without".

Sephora image

Special mention:

After yuh dun gone through all that trouble yuh could might as well add the finishing touches to extend the life of your look. Heidi also loves the Ben Nye Final Seal. Samples of that are available in our blog sale for $15.

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