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Make Out 2014 - January Update

Not sure what Make Out 2104 is? Read up here. This post is just a progress report.

I'm doing very well! For the entire month the only "new" thing I purchased was a mascara. Now you may ask, why would I buy a mascara when I have sooooooooooooooooo many that I'm yet to try? Very good question. I was impressed with the YSL Faux Cils Shocking and really wanted to try their 'Babydoll' version which I heard was even better. The only access we have to YSL locally is in the departure lounge of GAIA so you know I was all over that counter on my way to Jamaica last month. I greedily grabbed up that $56 mascara thinking this is gonna blow me outta the water...turns out the joke is on me. Watch the keekback in the comments to see my debacle. LOL.

This technically means I still have 14 more purchases to go because the challenge doesn't include re-purchases, skin care, items on my wish list or nail polish. No way could I have included nail polish.

So, what beauty products have you purchased recently? I've got my eye on those new Tom Ford lipsticks in his Spring collection. Swoon.

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