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Beauty at Girlfriends Expo 2014

This past weekend was Girlfriends Expo which is a trade show much like BMEX except it caters to females. Thus cosmetics, skin care and beauty products in general are ever present. I wasn't planning to go but I figured our peeps would appreciate a post much like the BMEX one. #TeamModen strives to keep you in the know and as consumers ourselves, we understand the need to have the most information possible to increase our purchasing power.

I went pretty early on Sunday afternoon, so the foot traffic was light and a few of the booths weren't fully set up. My first stop was Bio Beauty. While I constantly feel that some of their products are over priced they do make a conscious effort to bring the newest releases in hair and skin care as well as certain nail polish collections, namely: O.P.I and Essie. It is the only place in Barbados I've ever seen: Sally Girl and Zoya polishes, the Clarisonic line and loads of other brands I've come across on YouTube. True to form, Bio Beauty now has the Wet Brush line available. I wouldn't have know what that was if I had not seen this review from the hilarious Rachel Whitehurst. She's amazing, truly.
I didn't intend to purchase anything butttttttt then I saw the soap from that Bath and Body Works line I'm in love with, for $30. And I wouldn't be Lucinda if I didn't get a nail polish, Essie 'Belugaria' $20 . Heaven help me.

Moseying on along I came across Makeup Doll Cosmetics. They are known for their lip glosses and pigments which were on display for patrons to swatch and purchase. This line is available at Bio Beauty.

Great to see you Alfie!

Kim's Makeup Services and Barbados Beauty (250-8853) were side by side. Ahlena from Barbados Beauty brought something different to the Expo by allowing patrons to participate in a lucky dip or enter a raffle. She had a plethora of skin care, cosmestic and fragrance samples from Clinique, Dior, Clarins, Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Mont Blanc...too many to mention. There were also cosmetic and tote bags to be won. I want that sample hook up girl!

Ahlena was providing make overs on site.

No makeup party is complete without Jolie Beauty and Cosmetics who just re-branded their company and launched new brow products, face powders and loose pigments.

It was great to meet Leah in person who was assisting Shaniqua's team. 

Mekkin me look like a dwarf :)

SBI Distribution Inc was in the place via numerous booths. I snapped a few pictures of their brands which were on sale at a special wholesale price. I was informed that those cute Simple sets will be available in Super Center locations.

Naturally Radiant You (243-8521) was the next stop. This was the first time I was hearing about this company and was pleased to know that they have a website plus a YouTube channel. If you have natural hair you must check out their hair products.

Finally I had to shout my girls at Colour Coded. That's where I got my bdellium tools brushes, Model In A Bottle setting spray and Graftobian foundation palette. Danielle was on site fixing up brows with the Anatasia Beverly Hills products. I can't wait to try the Brow Whiz.

A special non-beauty shout out to Baked by KandK (231-5846). Heidi was working with them before she beat faces for the run way show later that night.

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