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Water Water Water Water Water

You gotta sing the title to the tune of that Sesame Street song. Corny, I know.

There are tonnes of articles on the interwebs about the benefits of drinking water so I will not bore you with what you already know. Yet many of us find it very difficult to do so. Even those of us who do still don't get in enough. Recently Heidi spoke about her acne woes and she mentioned that she tries to drink only water every day. That is so commendable. I mean, I drink more water than I used to say six years ago but I too love a Bajan lemonade. Plus, any one that follows me on Instagram knows about my deep spiritual connection to coffee - excess amounts of which cause dehydration. Counter productive much?

I have come a long way on this water train though. In the past the only way I could drink water was if I put Skittles or those fruit Mentos in it. I never take tables/vitamins with water; up tuh now. The taste of water literally used to fight me. LOL. I laughing now because as I'm thinking of it, I can't even get a pack of Skittles eat these days. Enough of the back in time trip, let me share with you the sole tip that has me drinking water now.

Drink water at room temperature.

San Benedetto Premium Artesian Water -

I know, I know. Those of you that knew that before must be thinking, "that's it?". Word to Mother, if not for doing this I wouldn't be have the appreciation I have for water today. As D'Angelo from The Wire always says, "mos' def!'". I don't know what it is about 'ice water' that Bajans love but I can't get with it. Sure the things you can add to improve the taste will work but there's no guarantee you'll always have those things to hand.

I mostly buy bottled water, Fiji is my favourite, but that cost adds up and we all know that all those plastic bottles in the landfills are no good for the environment. If you are put off by the chlorine taste in your pipe water try boiling it first. I've also found that carrying water around with you increases the chances that you'll opt to drink it instead of buying a sweet drink. Now I'm not on any soap box saying don't drink yuh sweet drinks 'cause I like dem sorrel Fruitees - and I still drink a Coke once in blue moon - but we all know that too much sugar isn't good for us. Everything in moderation Mavenz.

A lot of articles say that you should drink eight glasses per day; 1 US cup = 8 fluid ounces. 64 fluid ounces is a lil more than 1.5 litres. image

Come on, that ain't that bad.

Realistically, the optimum amount of water you should drink takes into consideration: if you exercise, where you live (hot or cold climate), if you're pregnant, your weight, if you drink alcohol regularly etc. At #TeamModen we always tell you that great makeup starts with great skin. Upping your water intake is a sure way to jump start the process.

Now I am no health care professional so I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to be out here trynna dispense diet information; but we do know that a lot of our skin concerns actually start internally. For healthy food tips I would turn you over to my friend Corey of Get Narked.


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