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Would I Repurchase? Maybelline Illegal Length mascara (Waterproof)

Believe I only realised I picked up the waterproof version just now?

As seen in Collins

I purchased mine from iMart Sheraton 

The wand on this is kindda crazy. It's tapered with natural hair bristles down to the tip. The bristles are grouped in almost clusters (think of a hair brush) and those clusters are evenly separated along the wand. You can see the fiber extensions in the formula and they do transfer to the lashes but not overtly. I've mentioned before that my lashes aren't short so maybe someone else can better attest to this mascara's lengthening properties. 

If you had asked me last month if I would repurchase Illegal Length I would have said no. I don't find this 'Blackest Black' brings the drama that I like, but maybe I'm asking too much of a lengthening formula. It most certainly defines every lash. Recently I combined this and the NYC Big Bold mascara. Illegal Length makes up for what Big Bold lacks and those crazy placed bristles are excellent for declumping. What makes this an even better layering mascara is that the formula isn't wet like most L'Oreal ones. I didn't notice this waterproof formula being any more difficult to take off but that could be partially due to it not being excessively pigmented.

Used alone, I'd say this is sufficient for a daytime look. Paired with any volumizing mascara and you may just have a jackpot. Now, is it worth it to purchase just for that? I'm still in the middle of the road.

On the lips: NYX lip liner in 'Plum' and their Butter Gloss in 'Raspberry Tart'

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