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L'Oreal Magic Lumi vs YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

I've been working on this for a while and I decided that it was best to wait on that Saks Fifth Avenue haul before I gave my final thoughts. To make it concise I'm going to list the similarities and the differences between these two highlighting pens.

Both products:
  • have reflective gold packaging (the Magic Lumi is more rose gold but whatevs)
  • dispense their contents via a brush tip applicator
  • can be used to highlight, lightly conceal and/or colour correct.
Errr that's it.

Press blurb on the Touche Eclat: "The beauty secret of the world's top makeup artists and models, Touche Éclat is the original must-have for a radiant, flawless face.
Capture 8 hours of sleep with the click of a pen. With a few strategic strokes of this award-winning complexion highlighter—dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue virtually disappear. Powered by the radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex, skin is instantly illuminated, so you look rested and refreshed—even if you've been up for hours. Sleek and sophisticated, it discretely slips into a makeup bag for quick touch-ups anytime. It’s the one beauty essential no woman should ever be without"

And for the Magi Lumi: "Awaken your skin with targeted illumination using Magic Lumi Highlighter. This unique liquid light formula highlights your complexion and boosts radiance for a subtle glow. Dab it on dark areas or shadows for instant enlightenment or along the cheekbones and brow line for a wide-awake effect. Use with True Match Lumi and Magic Lumi Primer for an added boost of luminosity".

(l-r) YSL Touche Eclat in #7 and #4 respectively and L'Oreal Magic Lumi 'Deep'

Since L'Oreal owns the YSL (beauty) brand a lot of beauty enthusiasts hoped that the Magi Lumi was the drugstore alternative for the infamous Touche Eclat. As I said previously, both products can be used for the same purpose but there are some stark differences.

  • Price and availability. Online the Touche Eclat is a whopping $41USD (last time I checked Sephora before today it was $30USD. Errrthang gine up!) The Magic Lumi is $12.95USD on the L'Oreal site. Locally I have found the YSL for $70BDS DF in the Departure Lounge at GAIA last January. When checked in January this year it was $76BDS DF. Cave Shepherd also has a few of them (no shades that are of any use to anyone with a deep skin tone) for just under $100BDS DP. The Magic Lumi is available from Collins for $26.20BDS. As we've mentioned numerous times, feel free to email our sister Company T.E.A.M Imports via regarding any product you see mentioned on the blog that's not available in Barbados.
posted on our Facebook page October 30, 2013

YSL display in the Departure Lounge of GAIA
posted on our Facebook page January 20, 2013
  • Shade range. Touche Eclat has expanded their offering and now comes in 12 shades from 1 to 7. 7 'Luminous Mocha' is the deepest. Number 4 (in the previous photo) has been renumbered to 6.5 'Luminous Amber'. The L'Oreal site says the Magi Lumi comes in 'Fair', 'Light' and 'Medium' but mine says 'Deep' so me nah know. As you can see from those swatches, 'Deep' leaves a lot to be desired. Not only for its light colour but its undertone. For a long time I only had number 4 in the Touche Eclat and I am very pleased with its colour correcting tone for my under eyes. I raved about it in the Top Ten series.
  • Consistency. The Magi Lumi is a thicker consistency, that's not to say that either of them are thick; but you can definitely tell that the Touche Eclat has a lighter formula since it takes less time and effort to blend into the skin. Due to the Magi Lumi's potentially ashy undertone I haven't used it anywhere other than under my eyes.
  • Size. The YSL contains 0.1 fluid ounces or 2.5 millilitres of product whereas the L'Oreal one has 0.05 fluid ounces or 1.5 millitres.
  • Mechanism. The product is pushed through the tube of the Magic Lumi via twisting its base. The Touche Eclat has a 'click button' at the bottom. Anybody remember those popular Parker pens? Both take a while to get going upon first use so be vigilant that you don't over click/twist and waste the product. 
  • Manufacturing. YSL stays fancy and is made in France whereas the L'Oreal counterpart is made in the USA.
  • Longevity. I don't have a clear answer here because I have to set the Magic Lumi but I don't always set the Touch Eclat. A setting powder gives a liquid product extra lasting time but I've found that some powders over the Touch Eclat make my under eye look old. Knawmean?
Final thoughts...

I think L'Oreal gotta be mad to call that 'Deep' and the undertone makes it even worse. I most certainly will not be repurchasing. I raved about my #4 Touche Eclat and even bought a backup earlier this year but for $41USD I could get a whole 1 fluid ounce high end foundation. That price is ridiculous for how little product is in these things. Still, they weren't lying when they said it makes you look like you had eight hours of sleep. This wowed me one night in Jamaica when I was in a rush to get ready for dinner. I put on my Fast Response eye cream, then the Touche Eclat. Mascara, lip gloss and through the door. I looked like I had done a whole lot more.
I guess you gotta weigh this one out for yourself Mavenz.

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