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31 blogs to go!! Challenge Accepted.

Hello Mavenz,

I have to start by saying that Lucinda Robinson has been a HUGE blessing to me and the Moden Family. She is my sister and I love her. More on this later in March.

So of course out the blocks I'm behind. It's the 2nd of March and I'm playing catchup. But I'm going to get on track. I have a lot to share.

I LOVE makeup and I find it thrilling to be able to change my look at any time, any day. Since I have to wear it everyday, I find it challenging to create new looks. But, the beauty of it is, that you can expand your skill set, learn more about your features and use all the products in your possession over time.

So last week, I challenged myself to try a softer look. My makeup look is usually either over the top or wayyyy simple. I went for soft pinks:

I used all NYX eye products and Revlon Colorstay 24 hr Foundation in Mahogany. 
I hardly ever wear pink eyeshadow, and my lip colour is always bright or outrageously pigmented. This look got great reviews on social media. And I may even attempt my first pictorial to recreate it for you. Only if you comment below :) So here's your challenge for MARCH, 2014. Try a new makeup look this month. If you've never done winged liner, attempt it. A nude lip or smoky eye, go for it. Guess what? It washes off after you apply it :)  Makeup is about creativity, exploring new techniques, products and ideas. Life is too short to stick to the basics. Go hard or go home #TeamModenApproved

I created a soft smoked out eye look with a subtle pink wash on the lid, orange in the crease and the liner is a work in progess. I prefer gel, this was LA Girl Fine Line. 

It was nighttime but, the blending was good.

After 9 hours of wear.

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