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First Impression: NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation

Hi Everyone,

New goodies available at Exotica Makeup & Extensions

According to NYX' website:
If you have something to hide, we have got the perfect solution for you! NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation offers exceptional coverage with a long-lasting, natural-looking finish. The incredibly high-pigment load has the super powers to conquer even the most challenging coverups including skin discolorations and more. The finished look is soft, matte, beautiful and flawless. 

NYX Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation - $30BDS
The packaging caught my eye. It's compact, and I love anything black, it always looks sleek. I like the fact that it's in a squeeze tube, only downside is that the formula is slightly runny, even after the shakeups and so it's necessary to use a little at a time, since you can't squeeze it back in :) 

Here's what it looked like on mah face: 

Full face, including light highlight with Caramel from the same range.
This was after about 5/6 hours of wear and one touch up. It gave a soft, flawless finish, that reminded me of the MAC MatchMaster  and I really liked how clean my skin looked after applying a thin layer. Now about four hours after application my blemishes and a few dark spots were visible and I did NOT take photos of that, I simply touched up with my Graftobian Face Powder in Bronze Tone and a little of the Graftobian French Silk Cashmere Powder and that was it. 

So here is my first impression: 

Price: $30 Decent. But since after only 4 hours of wear it was WORN, I'd add the $7 and go for my Revlon Colorstay. 
Coverage: Medium to Full. But it is buildable and, dries to a semi-matte finish.
Fragrance: It just smells clean.
Longevity: It does not claim to be long wearing, so don't expect a miracle, but minor adjustments may be made like adding a setting spray (which I did not), or using an oil control product prior to application (I did).

A few things I must point out! 

These are the shades available at Exotica right now: 

(l-r): Cocoa, Chestnut, Caramel, Tan, Warm Tan

And these are the darkest shades NYX has this product in. I had to mix two of them to get my shade. So that means I'd have to purchase two of these foundations and that's no bueno in my book. I'm a one stop shopper. 

These are the two I mixed: 

(l-r) Cocoa & Chestnut
So if you're in the market for a fairly inexpensive, decent quality, full coverage foundation. Try this. I deem it #teammodenapproved, but be prepared to spend about $60 if you are a lady with a deeper skin tone. In any event, I love trying anything once, and if you find it doesn't work for you. Stay tuned, there may be an outlet for you to redeem some cash when you purchase a product that doesn't fit your bill ;) 


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