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Look: Cleopatra


So since Lucinda had a GREAT weekend. It is my duty to dive into the fray and give you the makeup blog for today.
And I am just under the buzzer by the way!!

As some of you may or may not know, I work part time at Exotica Makeup & Extensions. During November and part of December, we had theme days. One such day we were required to depict Cleopatra.

Yesssss... dem brows tho

Brows & Eyes: Kindly note the brows were meant to be harsh. She was the Queen of the Nile after all (I think). Point is, They were jet black and I used the gold, bronze and orange eyeshadows to illustrate all de money she had. Anytime you're going for a theme, you can interpret it anyway you want. As long as you take care to be authentic so people actually know what/who you're trying to look like.

Face: At the time I was using NYX foundation in Nutmeg ($30/$35) and the NYX Stay Matte Powder in Chestnut (Bridgetown Branch only at the moment - $35). I highlighted with the NYX Blushes in Sand and Pecan ($20). AND the contour was minimal save the nose, where I used Exotica Makeup eyeshadow in Bark  $22).

Lips: Sephora Lipstain (red) - It's a beautiful, vibrant, matte red that looks perfect on ANY skin tone, truly. We will be carrying this item by May so stay tuned. If you would like to special order though, don't forget to email our affiliate company Team Imports for a quotation or to place an order. 

I loved the outcome and I would recreate this look just for you. That is if you want me to :) 

The eyeshadow especially was my favourite part to apply. Tell me what you think, and how you would have brought Cleopatra to life!

Prettyful or nah?

Serious face now, Cleo was a vex woman
Remember, we blog everyday in March!! Look out for tomorrow's blog! 

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