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March Madness: 1 of 31. Thank You Heidi.

Uh barely mek it!

We're hoping *fingers crossed* to blog every day in March. Every. Single. Day. Bloggers know that is no cakewalk but hey, what's life without a challenge. There are a lot of topics I could have started with but this has been on my mind.

When my interest in cosmetics went into overdrive, I spoke to other makeup artists about their social media presence etc. If you didn't know I'm the Co-Founder of Interlace Inc. One of my roles in the Company is a Social Media Content Manager. Heidi is the only person that took my advice but she back raised me with a, "so you gine do it?" I could laugh now, but being a Product Analyst for Moden Makeup is certainly not what I envisioned when I first spoke to her about increasing her online reach.

Anyho, the rest is history. My thirst for information and specific love for product knowledge regarding what's best for our climate and skin tones has birthed this partnership that literally took me by surprise. Six or so years ago I was that girl at a M.A.C collection launch buying everything I thought looked pretty. Having little to no clue how to use it and worst, getting it home and wondering where my money went. I never want you to be that person.

Heidi gave me an opportunity that people I knew longer than her did not. She challenged me to 'put up or shut up' and it has been my aim to show her that I take her vouch of faith seriously. I know what it's like to build a brand, your baby, and take a risk to let people in. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road if no one sees your vision and potential to manifest it. Being a part of Team Moden has broadened my knowledge of brands, products and people. My copious amounts of time watching YouTube reviews, hauls, and favourites videos will not go in vain. Honestly, I find watching those things more relaxing now than anything else. More importantly, the amount of time (and money) I have invested in testing products on myself and some friends (tee hee) will not go in vain. Moden has some big plans for 2014 and beyond; focused on bringing you the best information and services so you can make an informed decision.

Heidi and I at a M.A.C Technique, October 2012

So, I just had to tell Heidi for the millionth time, thank you. Your family welcomed me like they help raise me. LOL. And Anderson, well we sharing him forever!

At the Moden Makeup launch, October 2011

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