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Let's Talk Polish

Ever since my last polish post I've decided to find the perfect red and yellow shade for me. Hence the ridiculous polish haul in my March update.

First let me thank Victoria for this lovely Maybelline 'Blue Marks The Spot'. Here it is over the solid dark blue from the Revlon Moon Candy duo 'Galactic'.

I am excited to see what it would look like over a lighter polish since here the black shapes aren't easily visible.

Next up is Clinique's 'black honey', their infamous shade. Now sunlight revealed that my finished manicure was uneven but I took this pic after applying the first coat to show the ridiculous shine this polish has all on its own. This was my first time trying a polish from Clinique.

In the March edition of Let's Talk Polish I introduced you to Sally Hansen's 'Coin Flip' on an accent nail. From then I knew I had to apply it in a full manicure. It did not disappoint. The formula of the metallic shades in this line are really easy to work with.


Later I decided to give 'A Butterfly Moment' by O.P.I another shot. The colour is gorgeous but the formula can be streaky. The jury is still out on whether to keep it or not.

I felt like I hadn't tried a Zoya polish in a while so I tried out 'Lara'. Standard Zoya: beautiful. The Spa Manager at Sugar Cane Club's Spa told me that Zoya's polishes have a higher alcohol content that other brands. Le sigh. That hasn't deterred me from purchasing more though...

Since I botched my last cream yellow pedicure I decided to let a pro apply the next one. She too said that these light cream shades are tricky to apply. 'The "It" Colour' by O.P.I needed four coats on some toes to be even. Sheesh. I think I did enjoy this shade of yellow though.

Back to Sally Hansen, 'Shoot The Moon' is another metallic shade with an easy-to-apply formula.

And lest you think this entry was void of Essie, here's 'armed and ready'. YouTube vlogger Natalie is always raving about this colour so I finally caved. The gold micro shimmer compliments this shade of green so well!

Though I really really tried to cut down on the nail polish hauling when I saw this new L'Oreal display in Collins I caved :(

I picked up 'hidden gems' without even knowing it was a textured polish.

I always apply a topcoat to these types of polishes but they still maintain their tactile effect. One thing I've noticed though, these aren't as chip resistant as regular polishes.

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