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First Impressions: Gerard Cosmetics Super MINI Haul


This is going to be a super quick read since as the title states it is a First Impressions post.
Gerard Cosmetics Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Glosses 
Buy all of them. The end.

Buttercream & Nude

I endorse these lipglosses. The shipping to Barbados was not bad bad bad, but uh felt a soraway after week one (sad) as far as postage and turnaround time  2/3 weeks International Post) and I paid a mere $1.50BDS for three of them (one for Lucinda) at my local post office. Thank God, cause I was about to say where the heck are my glosses!! ADDICT!!! When Andy showed me that little blue paper yesterday morning I was out like a bullet. And collected my little package with glee!! I'm in desperate need of some retail therapy, and this just whet my appetite. Aye yi YAI!!!

I ordered Buttercream and Nude mainly because I am a sucker for a good solid review, and most of the people I checked out including the site itself indicated that nude is a must have in everyone's collection regardless of skintone (oh yea? Well lemme check dat fuh muhself I thought) AND buttercream was designed by Jaclyn Hill. SOLD!!

Uh didn't even bother to do a full face, but ya know what's going down later today now? Nude 
See that colour and coverage? Chilee, honey linda LISTEN boo thang! Buy dem fuh trut!!

Here are the pros and the cons so far:

  • The lighter shades us women of colour will definitely have to use a liner with. Unless you like the 'rare' mouth look. So in my next purchase i'll be nabbing Cocoa Bean, Rose Hill, Summer Sun and Wild Orchid... obsessed much? 
  • The shipping time for a makeup addict is bordering on torturous. But to be fair, Cali is pretty far. 
  • Gerard Cosmetics needs to look at expanding their colour range. Us deeper ladies need love too! 
  • Highly Pigmented.
  • Light, pleasant citrus fragrance.
  • Smooth, even application.
  • Didn't irritate my lips or cause chapping.
  • Doe foot applicator makes it easy to place on the lips. 
  • When mixed with lipsticks, they shine beautifully.
  • Lights up for easy reapplication in da cluuuubbb. 
  • Comes with a built in mirror. 
  • Buy all! I will, even the ones I have to tweak to suit my complexion. 
So I'm back to being a gloss girl, wooohooooo. And with glosses this high quality? I may just be in the ling for many more brands!!! As I go along I am POSITIVE I will find more pros than cons for these Gerard Cosmetics glosses. They are a must have for any lip loving lady. While they are priced at US$24 plus shipping, I assure you they are definitely worth it! 

Interested in placing an order? Email me at for a quotation.

More soon!! 


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