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Hiiiiiiiiii All

A while I know, apologies. I love the fact that we share this part of our job because while Lucinda is covering the blog and stores, I'm able to practise and build the artistry side of our brand. It helps stimulate my creative juices and my skills as an artist are growing. I see the difference.

Makeup is personal. In my case it's an acquired skill, 'cause listen to me now, a little while ago, I'll be the first to admit, I was mehhhhh and maybe less than. But my biggest critic, is me. There is NO ONE out there who picks apart my work like I do. I'm working hard to get my skills on point, but isn't that what life is about? Learning, growing and developing.

circa 2011/2012 oooh those brows :'(

Well this journey has been long and hard, but I would not trade it for all the tea in China. I have made new friends, gained followers, recognition and developed a love and passion for cosmetics that I didn't know I had. Oh and heeyyyyy to the critics and people who absolutely do NOT like my work. I've always been an acquired taste, personality wise, and now for a talent I'm developing. BUT! For the first time I've stuck to something I like and not given up because people laughed, hated it or talked about how much it sucked behind my back. For the first time, I care, yes, but not enough to stop.

That being said we all start somewhere, we who beatfaces and such are all in the makeup/beauty industry because we love it (hopefully) and to be honest because we want to make money doing what we love. Let's face it, no one starts off being a Renny or Fine. BUTTT if you work hard enough, practise long enough and stay hungry; it will come.

My father always warned me to be careful not to forget where I came from. It's something I live by. I strive to keep Moden Makeup at the forefront of your mind because we do what no one else in Bim does. We give you the information you crave; AND up to two years ago we were unprecedented. We are grateful.

So I encourage you to continue being critical, continue to follow and like all of the artists who are emerging. Give your opinions but please remember that while it might not be to your liking, some of us are working really hard to give you a fabulous and coveted product. What I can guarantee from Moden Makeup is excellent customer service, sound accurate information and lots of fun and jokes along the way.

If we get something wrong, we will apologise. if we offend in anyway we will recant (within reason). But we will not forget our loyal customers and fans to whom we owe everything. To our potentials: dive on in, this pool isn't nearly full!

This Christmas, we are giving back. This year was hard but blessed, and we want to show you our appreciation for your support and love! Stay tuned... it's a big wun!

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