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Top Blushes (and Highlighters) of 2014

First things first - I Poppa freaks all the hunnies (wha Iggy wha) - no, seriously; thanks to all of you for sticking with us throughout the year. It means a lot.

Now, truly I couldda just reposted 2013's picks cause all of those are still in heavy rotation. But what's life without a little variety. This year I've really gotten into highlighters so I had to include a few.

Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked Blush 'Toasted Almond'
Heidi gave me this gem. I really enjoyed mixing blushes this year and this was one that was perfect for the back of my cheekbones; call it a blush contour if you will. This blush also gave great dimension since its baked formula has a built in sheen. I think this would look excellent on a range of skintones.

La Femme Blush - On Rouge 'Sienna'
Another 'blush contour' product or just plain contour. La Femme blushes are very pigmented so one will last your whole life. This year I even used this to give my eyes dimension. It's so brown girl friendly!

Bourjois Paris Blusher 'Rose Frisson'
This itty bitty blush is just too cute. I've come to appreciate these sheer formulas for their buildable character and soft sheen. I dare say, you can't overdo it.

M.A.C Powder Blush 'Bad Girl Gone Good' LE
This has replaced my beloved 'Coppertone'; not that I still don't like that. I just think it's ridiculous to keep them both. Both this and 'Coppertone' are the perfect neutral blushes to accompany dark eyes and/or bold lips.

M.A.C Powder Blush 'Ripe For Love' LE
Another M.A.C satin formula blush that stole the show this year. I've raved on and on about how great orange tones look on our skin tones so I won't go on and on here. This replaced another stunner M.A.C brought out this year, or maybe it was last year?, 'Modern Mandarin'. If that ever gets repromoted you should cop it.

Tom Ford Cheek Color 'Flush'
O.M.G. Ok, somehow, I think this colour has gotten darker from the first time I swatched it. That might not be the case, but I think so. In any event, I like it way more now. I have seen many YouTube vloggers of various skin tones and types rave about this product. It's like it can do no wrong! The only thing that tops this blush in my collection is Tarte's 'Tipsy' and that's because those Amazonian Clay blushes are miracles, especially on oily skin.

On to highlighters:

Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter #2
Another present from Heidi. I wasn't thinking much of it at first at glance but when I put this on my face mannnnnnn the porn noises came out. Listen, if your products don't make you wanna sing and do a jig when you put them on, sell them on The Moden Makeup Marketplace and buy ones that do! It has a great golden glow that's akin to the effect of my darling 'Gotta Glow' from e.l.f.

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights 'Baked Starburst'
Regular readers knew this was coming. If you missed it, check out the rave review here.

Becca Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed 'Topaz'
I know what you're thinking: I just got this. Yeah, and I already tried it and the angels dun sang! I knew that I loved the Becca blush formula so I figured any one of these Shimmering Skin Perfectors wouldda been a hit. Well, it does not disappoint. So much so that I'm already fiending for 'Rose Gold' and 'Opal'. #shopaholicsanonymous

M.A.C Mineralize Skinfinish 'Pink Powder' LE (the highlighter part)
I bought a lot of things from this Wonder Woman Collection, I mean a lot; but this is the only product I kept. For a long time I didn't even use it. M.A.C heads would know that there was a more coral/golden version of this product - 'Golden Lariat' - that was better suited for deeper skin tones. I didn't get that one and I regretted it. Anyho, one day I decided to give that shimmery highlight part a proper chance. When I tell you bout glow! Don't wear this if you don't want to be noticed.

I know it's kindda taboo in the vlogger/blogger world to mention limited edition products due to their unavailability. I'm just hoping that if you have any of those mentioned, this post would encourage you to pull them outta your collection and show them some love.

L -R: Becca 'Topaz', Etude House Secret Beam, Smashbox 'Baked Starburst', M.A.C 'Pink Power'

Special shout out to Kamilah of IHeartMakeup for telling me that she mixes highlighters. I know I know, you'd think cause I mix blushes I'd think to mix highlighters too right? Nah. I never thought about it. One night she was rocking a M.A.C 'Gold Deposit' and 'Soft and Gentle' mix that had my jaw on the floor!
Share your favourite blushes and highlighters in the comments. You know I appreciate y'all recommendations :)

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