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Not All Cotton Rounds Are Created Equal

If you only use cotton rounds to assist in removing nail polish this post will mean nothing to you. But if you're like me and hate the ones that easily fall apart leaving the world of lint on your face, read on.

I have tried many brands; many many brands so trust me when I tell you that they're not all the same. Below I'm sharing a few types with you, all of which state that they're made of 100% cotton. If you have had a similar or completely opposite experience with any of these mentioned please share your thoughts in the comments.

I mostly use these things to apply toner but I've come to discover that the real test of their durability is how they stand up when applying the Philips Milk of Magnesia (MOM).

Fitzroy Cotton Wool Pads

Approximately 100 come in a pack. These "dual faced" rounds are marketed as "produced to guarantee a soft and gentle feel - just perfect for applying cosmetics, make-up removal and general cleansing". They're ok for toner and barely passable with MOM. The second best thing about them is the price. Second only to their density. Unlike the other rounds I will mention, the edges of these rounds aren't secured so if you wanted to you could pull them apart.

As seen in Massy Stores Warrens

Swisspers Cotton Rounds

Speaking of a great price...These ones come four-in-a-pack from Pricesmart for $15.99BDS; 80 count per pack. Unlike all the others mentioned these have the same "embossed texture" on both sides. Passable for toner but MOM does obliterate dem.

Berkley & Jensen Cotton Rounds

For a long time these reigned supreme in my heart. "Luxurious feel. Quilted for strength. Interwoven layers. Lint free". Yes, yes, yes, YES. Another 100 count pack available from Shopsmart for approximately $7BDS and Bio Beauty for $12BDS. I buy these two or three at a time. These are the first cotton rounds that actually stood up to MOM application without leaving a speck of lint on my face. Unlike the Fitzroy ones, you can clearly feel the difference in textures between the two sides.

The Body Shop Organic Cotton Rounds

"Double sided, textured and twice as nice. With a textured surface to effectively remove make-up or nail polish and a smooth side ideal for gentle cleansing". I got these in Antigua and I am so upset that I only picked up one pack. These are constructed very similar to the Berkley & Jensen ones but are much softer. If you have sensitive/dry skin to the point where applying toner would cause some skin to flake I suggest these. For a 100 you pay $3USD on The Body Shop site; I don't remember what I paid for them in store. Cave Shepherd really ought to expand the line here; we're missing out on the good stuff.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the Rolls Royce of cotton pads: Shiseido Facial Cotton.

Heidi gave me a couple of these to try and they are indeed the thickest, softest set o' cotton put together that I've ever come across. Are they worth $9.50USD for 2.8oz? I guess that depends on how fast you go through them.

There's a brand available from Collins which the name eludes me presently. I will update this post on Monday with a picture but do not buy those. They don't even feel like cotton and are lint city; a total waste of time.
***update*** The offender:

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