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Project 15 Pan - Heidi

 Lucinda S. alllllways stirring up the pot.

This lady KNOWS good and well that I am notorious for buying things, not using them for a while and either giving them away OR they end up in my kit. Hitting pan? pffft, jokes.

So for her to issue this 15 pan challenge is not only cringe worthy, it is tantamount to INSANE. However, in my effort to be a more avid and focused beautyblogger, I will place here my contributions and attempt to at LEAST get more use out of these products. Also because I love her and she realllllllllly loves me too :D All of these items are necessary to my daily/weekly routine, but more than that, some of them have been sitting around for so long, I clean forgot they existed.

Just so that you understand my predicament, this drawer contains a small fraction of the product I have purchased/was given to review or just bought to try or just bought cause I liked, you get the idea right?

And there are two full baskets at the back (HELP)!!

The Estee Lauder products I've used, extensively though. P.S. Couldn't pull the whole drawer out (smh).

I've been a fan of Proactiv since my teenage years. It really does the trick to keep my pesky pimples at bay along with a good balanced diet and plenty water. BUTTTTT, for some reason, the toner is never on my radar. I use the cleanser, the repairing lotion and the mask, but I've had this full 6 fl. oz bottle since early last year. UGHHH! Reading this post from our girl Kee Squires has inspired me to return to it, so I will use it til it's done.

Proactiv - one of my fave products for acne & oil control.
Now I looove lotions, oils and any type of smell goods to keep my skin soft. So I bought this on my last trip to NY in June from Victoria's Secret for $10. It is pleasant, moisturising and the packaging is minimalist and matches my bathroom decor. Downside, when I spray it, it lands on my skin and on the floor, plus it's kinda sticky. Soooooooo, because of the moisturising effect, I will use this. And buy this one, since it seems to be discontinued now. Or is that not our goal here? LOL

VS Spray Lotion - Apparently discontinued. 
I'm not a huge fan of liquid/cream products apart from foundation. Granted I only got this in December from Lucinda. I do love it, but it's my first Becca product AND it is soooooo pretty on my skin that I only want to use it on special occasions. So my trade off: once I'm leaving home to go out out, I'll use this baby. 

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector - Spotlight - Champagne Gold
(Left) Straight out of the tube, blended on the right.

Mascaras are life. I received this MUFE sample from Sephora as my birthday gift. Let me tell you the brush is legit! It's full with lots of bristles and a nice tapered end just like I like it for my top lashes, and the formula while heavy is actually non-clumping and doesn't flake inna me yeyeballs after a few hours (shade to L'Oreal mascaras, ANY OF THEM).

Love love love that brush! 

Lucinda was right to call me out on my lip products. I have a few. And this one I used once. Mac's Modern Lure from the Alluring Aquatic Collection. Modern Lure is no longer available but the Seducing Sound shade is still on their website. 

You can see me in this shade here.

I adore Mac Paintpots. This was recommended to me by Ackeem Francis - MUA. Had this one for a year and some and abandoned it for my Urban Decay Primer Potion and Smashbox 24 Hour Eyeshadow Primers. It dries so fast I have to blend it with Fix Plus AND use it sparingly. But it works just like NYX Eye Shadow Base in Milk.

Here's a generous swatch.

Layin' Low. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills will always get my money. I'm trying my best to use this Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate on a regular basis, but it's much easier to grab for my Brow Wiz and fill in these raggedy brows sparingly. I'll give it a go though.

Glitters!!! I have so many and tend to only use gold and silver. I'm going back to colour though, inspired by my girl Kamilah Codrington of I Heart Makeup. So this Ruby Glitter on the Go from Bhcosmetics will be used!

BH Cosmetics - Ruby Glitter on the Go
Elemis Tea Tree SOS Foot Spray.
This Elemis Spa @ Home Tea Tree SOS Foot Spray was a Godsend for my diseased big toe. And apparently my mother and aunt found that out as well. SO they hijacked my first bottle. I have a second one stashed in my product cupboard so into the abyss I shall delve and use this on a daily basis, to ward the fungi away! 

I bought this from the Moden Makeup Marketplace from our makeup enthusiast friend Shara annnnddd I do love it, I just don't reach for it often. It's time to change that!!

Kat Von D - True Romance Eyeshadow in Dreamer.

Well call me bougie or high falutin, but I love my Ben Nye Final Seal and Skindinavia setting sprays. I hardly reach for this e.l.f mist and set, because frankly it mists, but doesn't set jack. I CAN use it to dampen my brushes before eyeshadow application and to run through my brows to de crisp them after brow set, or before I set my face to take away that powdery effect, when I'm out of Fix +.

ELF Mist and Set - Oldie but goodie for anything but setting! 

I used to BELIEVE in Kiss eyelash glue. Then the beauty supply stores here ran out of stock for a long time and I was hooked on Star Glue, which I fully intend to get back. BUT I actually had this one in a shopping bag and I almost forgot I had it. So in use it will go!

Kiss iEnvy 16hr Strip Eyelash Adhesive - Jet Black.

When Paradise Beauty had their $2 table going on I jumped onto these Milani polishes. And I haven't painted my toe nails with them yet.

Now this beauty is a recent acquisition, she is CUCCIO colour in 'Bali Bliss' $9.95 from Colleen's Beauty Supply. I included her because she's pretty and I need to use more pastel colour. Plus I just gave my mum an acrylic overlay and finished with this and it is soooo soooo gorgeous!

Cuccio Colour - Bali Bliss.
And that is IT! I know I have plenty more in my collection that I need to use, but this is a good start! Will you join us? Hit the pan!! 


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