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My Acne Fighting Dream Team #marchmadness

Hi Lovelies!!!

I know you've been enjoying the posts! Lucinda has been keeping you up to date with this year's #marchmadness venture and believe us when we tell you, blogging daily is no easy feat so please show us all your love as usual!!

I realized over the last year or so that with my skin, less is more. I break out: if my hair is on my face, if I drive with my window down, if I walk through town; when I eat too much cheese, drink one too many soft drinks, overdose on alcohol (two glasses of Moscato later my face is a proverbial cart road), don't change my pillowcases every week, don't tie my hair down, don't drink copious amounts of water, touch my face.... I need to live in a bubble to keep my skin pimple free really.

What I've tried:
I've tried Proactiv, Povidone Iodine Scrub, St. Ives, Clearasil, you name it. What I discovered was simple, nope not the brand, my acne laughs nay cackles at that skincare line save a few gems. My face best responds to minimal manipulation.

I am a HUGE fan of this product, my nails and hair grow like weeds and my skin is always luminous and in an acne free state when I take them. When I don't my skin is a bit duller, and definitely boasts flare ups.

So no Clarisonic for me, no scrubs and certainly no major exfoliation. Otherwise my face will look like a Bajan road, full uh holes chile.

Having said that, I'll be honest, I am not the most consistent person in creation, mmmkay? As you can tell. I love trying new things, get bored easily and abhor lengthy trials. So when I find a product that works, within a decent price range and my skin loves it? It swiftly becomes my go to!

Keeping it real. This has the weirdest texture, creamy, oily, watery all wrapped into one, but gentle enough for my daily needs and carries a fairly noticeable but fresh scent even though it's fragrance free, pffft.

Now this doesn't mean that my routine is boring (see above). It simply means that after my skin reacts badly, by drying out or bumping up from repeated use over let's say a week of a new/trial product, I stop using it and revert to my old faithfuls. There are a few new soldiers in my army, but when these homies below team up #pahhhteedun.

What works for me:

Shout out to my sweet sweet client-friend Terri! She promised me that this would do the trick to help moisturize my skin AND keep those bumps at bay. She didn't tell me it was a miracle worker. Admittedly it tingles when I apply but it DOES contain acne fighting agents so you know that's standard. Thanks Terri, this was a game changer for me (p.s: I think it may be exclusive to the UK market)

Do you use/know of these items, and what do you use in your skincare regimen that is similar?

Now I am disappointed in the Clear Zit makers, Dr. Sheffield's. This product used to contain about 10% benzoyl peroxide. Now it's 2% salicylic acid. I was in such a huff I tweeted Lucinda immediately cause she knew I was out of it for months and she bought it for me, and she didn't realize it either. And ya know she reads labels like they are novels.  Plus I kinda secretly hoped they would see the tweet and admit culpability (yeah right).
N.B: Pay attention to new packaging and changes to old packaging, you never know WHAT these companies are up to, whether blatant or subtle. I  do still use this for spot treatment though.
I NEEEEED a multivitamin with my very hectic active lifestyle. As soon as my body wears down, I either catch a cold or break out or both. ARRRGHHH. However, this helps me regain my sapped energy and keeps me in tip top shape all with healthy, glowing skin.

I love removing my makeup almost as much as I love applying it. So this helps me to stay on track with my skin cleaning, acne fighting mission. Added bonus, no eye infections from last night's leftover mascara or eyeliner!


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