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Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquer by Kiss

Good Morning  & Happy Easter Monday!!

Last week, we three, Lucinda, Mummy and I went into #1 Beauty Supply on St. Michael's Row here in Barbados. There was the display with the Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquers!! All but two were available, Queen (the purple beauty) and Bellagio (Deep Marine Blue). However I bought the rest :D And I got one for Lucinda as well for her to try.

They retail for $12.00 BBD and I truly believe six (6) days in that I'm going to absolutely love them!

Here are the lip lacquers on display:

I swatched them and Lucinda uploaded same time!! Excited much lol.

The product description:
Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Laquer is the hybrid of lipstick and lipgloss and has high definition and full coverage! Just one coat creates luscious, brilliant color. Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Laquer glides on smoothly, non sticky and stays in place for hours of continuous wear.

I can attest to the demi matte ( they say glossy, I don't see a high shine gloss when it dries after application so...), hd and full coverage factors and as they claim NO STICKY FEEL at all. The lighter colours come off slightly chalky but adding more of the product has helped. To give a more accurate account though, I'll wear them over the next few weeks. The longevity is consistent with the claim of 6 hours. And they stained my lips, which is something I generally look for in a matte lip product. Not bad for 12 smackaroos huh? 

Swatches galore! 

The shades from left to right and my descriptions of them are: 
Mirage: Dusty Rose
Ruby:  Blue Based Red
Think Pink: Vibrant Bubblegum Pink 
Rosy: Rich Merlot
Insecure: Blue Gray
Creme: Pinky/Mauvey Nude
Crush: Lucozade Orange
Glace: Egg Yolk Yellow
Pool Party: Sky Blue with a hint of turqouise 
Wonderland: Lilac

So far I've worn 'Think Pink', 'Crush', and 'Rosy'. I don't know about you, but I love a lipstick/ gloss or product that doesn't wash me out if I choose to wear it without a full face do down. And Rosy was it for me! 

The Beauty Breakdown: 

If you prefer a drier matte formula similar to MAC Ruby Woo, this is not the product for you. It IS however very moisturising on the lips and allows for reapplication. The shades are true to packaging colour and the long, flat lip wand covers my very full lips more than adequately. 

This may come across as more of a product rave. However, I must stress that this is more of a first impression review. I'll be back atcha with an in depth analysis when I've tested all of them very soon! 

Photo taken in direct sunlight, I lined my lips with a Gabriella Dark Brown liner for blend-ability.
Tanisha one of my clients wearing a combo of Crush and Creme (the products layer well too)!
Promo on the Ruby Kisses Matte Lip Lacquers seems to have started 6 weeks ago, according to this stock photo I snapped from Insta. Not a bad turnaround time, considering we've been waiting months for products from brands that shall remain nameless.
Pretty colours all in a row.

Have you bought any yet? 


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