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O.P.I Haul And Top Five | Collab with NailTales246

How de heat treating yuh?

I hey suffering...

I know I haven't posted the usual monthly collective haul in a while. Does that mean I haven't been shopping? Most certainly not. Check out my keek profile for the low down. One recent extravaganza took me to Limegrove. From the flurry of post on Moden's Instagram account you can see I was all over the place. My last stop was Mozaic. Only, it wasn't where it used to be.

We invite you to our NEW location. Right next to Sun Collection, across the bay from Eye Q Opticians.

I was in there for hours. Looking at the collections, deals and new products from O.P.I. Now, I only went for nail polish remover but you know that's not all I came out with.

Before I get into the haul you should know that this post is in collaboration with Jodi from Nail Tales of A Bajan Girl. Regular readers would have seen me gush about her before. She's far more creative than I so if you really really want to know how to create some awesome manicures be sure to check her out.

On to the haul...


'Hello Hawaii Ya?' and 'This Color's Making Waves' are from the 'Hawaii' collection and 'On Pinks & Needles' is from 'The Brights' collection. I am very excited to try that Glitter Off base coat since I'm wrapping up some swatches for an upcoming post. The O.P.I nail polish remover is technically a repurchase; I've found them to be some of the very best.

Jodi and I decided to also include our Top Five O.P.I picks in this post so if you do decide to go to Mozaic, you can check out some our favourites. I must preface this list by saying that this is my current Top Five. It's subject to change because I still have quite a few new O.P.I polishes in the stash to try.

Here goes, in no particular order:

'Cajun Shrimp'

I am not the biggest fan of the O.P.I creme formula. I always feel like I don't have the best application technique because I always manage to create bald spots. Still, the beauty of this shade can not be denied. I know a lot of people don't like mini bottle brush applicators but I found the two I've tried thus far from the recent 'Trend On Ten' greatly improved.

'Shine For Me'

Gorgeous as an accent nail or full manicure. I am very impressed with O.P.I's glitter finish polishes. This one is from the 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' *barf* collection. There's a mini of this shade available in The Marketplace.

'It's Frosty Outside' (Liquid Sands)

'Peace & Love & OPI'

I have a thing for duo chromes; especially as a manicure. O.P.I describes this as a "holographic sage and eggplant". I think this shade is on sale in Cave Shepherd.


The major gripe I have with O.P.I is that they don't label their mini bottles. So frustrating! Anyho, this colour is so stunning I could never forget its name. It came out in the 'Brazil', collection. Again, I'm not the biggest fan of their creme formula...or maybe it's the combination of that formula and their brush applicator. At any rate, this looks amazing on both fingers and toes.

Don't forget to check out Jodi's Top Five and what she recently picked up from Mozaic here. Also, we're excited to hear what are your favourite O.P.I polishes. Let us know in the comments.

p.s. These photos were taken with my new Samsung S5. Thanks to all of you for bearing with me during my technical difficulties :) 

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