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Ben Nye Powders & You

Hi #mavenz

Over the past two years the highlighting and contouring trend has taken off. If you're unfamiliar, see a diagram of the technique below:

Taken from: (Jordan Liberty is one of my favourite Youtubers)
And one of the number one questions we are asked is: "Do you have Banana Powder in stock?" We hardly keep that shade in abundance because it is hard to get AND sells within hours of posting. Additionally it just does not suit every complexion! So what's the big deal?


DISCLAIMER: While I have used Ben Nye 'Banana' Powder on ladies with deep skin tones (we're talking beautiful blue black) I STRONGLY advise that you test it FIRST. Knowing how to apply the powder, the amount to use and with what cream product to pair it with is ESSENTIAL to obtain a cohesive makeup look. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Simply put, the Ben Nye range of products on a whole is spectacular. From the powders, to the setting spray, primers, shadows, foundations. This brand caters to makeup artists and enthusiasts. All shades of brown, white, pink, and yellow toned ladies and gents can source their 'colours' and enhance their beauty.

Now specifically the powders are coveted because:
  • They are finely milled. Which makes for easy, smooth application, using a sponge, puff, beauty blender or brush
  • They come in a wideeee variety of colours and textures (Luxury, Translucent) 
  • The formula contains rice and corn starches with play a vital role in oil control
  • It's a high quality product which retails for a decent price and size (the sizes also vary which is superb) 
  • Little is much when Ben Nye is in it. You realllly don't need to go overboard with application. Less is more. 
I personally love using the loose powders in the Ben Nye Range for setting under eye and the forehead and cheek areas because I feel it settles well; no powdery messes and helps with oil control. However, I also love a matte, but bright effect so sometimes I reach for MAC Studio Fix Powder, in addition to the BN Powder, a tip taught to me by Shanelle of I Heart Makeup

Onto the meat, how to choose the correct Ben Nye Powder for: 

a) Your complexion
b) Highlight

First, you have to understand the concept of Highlight & Contour. The basics? This technique allows you to play up/ brighten dull/ sallow areas of the face, and diminish the appearance of others. The beauty of  H&C also lies in the fact that applying it can restore the planes/shape of the face. 

So let me break it down. You know how sometimes you apply your foundation and powder and you look, well, like a duppy? (Bajan slang for ghost). That's because the products you've used offer coverage and create a blank canvas for you to manipulate. Add some colour back into your face and you'll see a tremendous difference!

Here is my PERSONAL guide for selecting the right shade in this range to achieve the desired highlighted effect for light skinned & dark skinned women:

Fair/ Porcelain Skinned Beauties: 'Banana' (used sparingly) or Neutral Set with a heavy duty concealer/stick foundation will do it for you. Since Neutral Set is colourless, it is important for you to use a concealer that is the right shade for highlighting purposes, i.e: 1/2 shades lighter than your skin tone. No one wants Panda Eyes!

N.B: Colour Correction may be necessary so use a green tinged/ mint concealer to cancel redness under the eyes and in any areas of concern on the face. NYX carries decent quality concealers in a jar, L.A. Girl Pro Conceal carries one as well. 

Available on
Light/Medium Skinned Beauties: We are talking in Bajan terms: 'red/clear/brownskin'. Good? In this case, I'd be so bold as to say see above. However, if you really want the classic Kim K look, 'Banana' or 'Camel' are definitely for you. I have not yet tested the Sacha Buttercup powder, however from watching reviews, seeing its effect in flash photography and other mediums, it's definitely worth a try. The Ben Nye Powder in 'Topaz' may also be an option for you IF you are not inclined to have that extreme look that is associated with 'Banana' powder.

Dark/Deep Skinned Beauties: Your options are in no way limited. You can use 'Chestnut', 'Sienna', 'Topaz' MAYBE even 'Banana' powder for your highlight. Now with these products less is more, and if you are testing out looks for an event it is important to take a flash photo to ensure that your enhancement doesn't leave you a paler shade of grey. 'Olive Sand' is also an option but less is more and again testing is necessary. 

You may not want to bite the bullet and buy a whole powder. We have you covered, we carry sample sizes for you to try. At the moment we have 'Sienna', 'Chestnut', 'Topaz' and 'Dark Cocoa' in stock at $5BDS per jar. To order e-mail and c.c. to

Samples offer the flexibility of trial at a fraction of the cost. 

So which shades in the Ben Nye powder range have you tried and tested? And were they suitable? Comment below!


P.S: This is what I look like when I use 'Topaz' for my highlight and 'Chestnut' everywhere else. 
M's (right)  makeup was done by Shanelle of I Heart Makeup. I applied my own makeup for this event. 

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