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The Glamorization of Decluttering

Yesterday I watched Essie Button's latest video. While I got the message, I came away feeling similarly to what a lot of other people expressed in the comments.

Disclaimer: I'm a firm believer in the fact that people can (and should) say whatever they want, how they want on their public social media accounts.

Now y'all know I don't support hoarding. That's the whole reason The Marketplace was created. You've seen posts in the Letting Go series. I even love decluttering videos...I binge watch them. I'm especially a fan of them when the person takes you through their collection, section by section, letting you know the reason behind why they're keeping or passing on each item.

But this almost preachy, release-your-attachments-to-worldly-things style I am not a fan of. Yes; you really shouldn't hold on to things you aren't using. But suppose looking at them brings you joy? Yes; things shouldn't just be hanging around collecting dust. But suppose ever so often you're up at 2 am swatching and reminiscing about the thrill - read: stress - you went through to get it? Estee is a girl I like - see how we on a first name basis? - even though I've unsubscribed from a lot of 'big YouTubers' I still am a subscriber of hers. Honestly, I just find her funny and I like how she looks.

I'm happy she's maturing. I'm happy she shares my belief that it's more important to create great experiences than attain material possessions. But she totally lost me when she spoke about not keeping things just because they have a sentimental memory attached to them. Talmbout she has the memory and pictures. Ber? Keeping a makeup item for its sentimental value sounds like a hell of a reason for it to stick around to me.

The thing that really really gets on my nerves is that these people on YouTube have gotten successful from telling people guess? what to buy. Now you gonna turn around and give/throw away stuff - and let's not forget at that level a lot of products are sent to them as press releases - while making people feel bad for having bought - not sent for free like you - so much stuff. I know she's not telling everyone to do the same thing with her words; but the tone of the video gives that impression. Inspiration from a book she said. Pity she didn't read that book when she had less than 5,000 subscribers and no business connections. Remember, a lot of these people do Youtube as their job and/or have build their personal brands via the platform and now are working with major brands and/or have started their own.

Lemme make this even more personal: I'm sure you've seen more interest shed on organic/natural makeup lines in my recent posts and in the Moden Makeup Family group. I would love to have just that those type of products in my collection. But let's be real, a lot of organic lines don't have complexion products for all shades of black women. Yuh think Imma tell y'all to ditch all your mainstream makeup? That's literally throwing money in the garbage. And I think not wanting to ingest/absorb toxins is a very good reason to: a) pay closer attention to ingredients lists and, b) stop supporting brands that aren't organic and cruelty free.

Still, I ain't mad atcha Miss Lalonde. It would seem that a lot of vloggers are transitioning their beauty blogs to all types of things now. As well they should, since we are not one dimensional people. I'm just sad so many people are outta pocket now buying things these "online influensters" recommended. They gotta be looking at their once prized makeup collection going: "now what?"

p.s. if you love your collection and were made to feel bad by watching that video please watch Hauling With Niya, TarababyzPlatinum D and Princess Kooch. They stay collecting.

Double p.s. #TeamModen encourages you to shop responsibly. Any item that you've bought and fell outta love with please contact us about how you can sell or swap it in The Marketplace.

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