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How To: Apply Strip Lashes (Easily)


I love pictorials. I am impatient and like to get instructions out of the way FAST! So I tried my best to condense my entire process so that it's simple and easy to follow.

Here is my step by step guide to applying strip lashes!

Tips before we begin: 

1. Do NOT attempt to apply lashes when you are in a hurry. Especially if you're new at this thing, just apply a few coats of good quality lengthening and volumizing mascara and go!!
2. Frustrate NOT thyself. It does require a measure of patience AND practice so exercise both!
3. Tweezers are your friend. However, if the thought of a sharp metal object close to your eyeballs makes you queasy, try only using your fingers OR invest in an eyelash applicator.
4. Don't start out with cheap lashes (i.e. dem hard tail chinese ones dat does got ya fightin wid dem like dem is tough pork).
5. Don't start out with mink lashes, too expensive for you to toss if things go awry.

Let's get cracking:

The tools you will need:

Lashes, scissors (to trim edges off), Brushes for gel liner, gel liner/ liquid, needle nose tweezers, good quality lash glue.

Step 1: Select your lashes. This can be based on your eye shape, length and volume preference. I recommend you ask a makeup artist what shape best suits your eyes AND the look you are going for. Here I have two brands: Kiss iEnvy in 'Diva 02' ($8.00BBD) and Miss Adoro #42 ($4.50 BBD). Both retail at Moden Makeup.

Notice that both brands carry a thin lash band, for ease of use and application. IT does not affect the durability. Just handle with care. 

Step 2: Select your lash glue. I never use Weave bond/ hair glue. Watch here to see why. 

Duo is available locally. However, I much rather use the Eve Pearl as drying time is shorter and the lashes stay on much longer. 
 Step 3: Clean your tweezers. Use a cotton wool ball with some alcohol and wipe off the tips.
This is my preferred type of tweezer. Do not be alarmed. 
Step 4: OPTIONAL: Use a gel liner to camouflage any excess glue that won't come off OR to add a 'seam' or wing to the eye look. You will need a 'push' or an angled liner brush to do this.

Inglot Gel Liner #77 (Inky Black and sooo gorge) 

Step 5: Gently remove the lash from the case. USUALLY you can tell which is for the right or left eye by looking at the gradient of the lash. I find that as with contacts, if the lashes are placed on the wrong eye, you'll know.
Smaller to larger lashes on the band . this lash is for the right eye. 
Step 6: Wrap the lash around your pinky finger to bend and shape. Or use the end of one of your makeup brushes. This improves flexibility and helps it settle in the groove of your eyelid better.

Wrap the lash GENTLY around the end of the brush. 
 Step 7: Squeeze a tiny drop of glue out of the tube.

Step 8: Apply a THIN LAYER to the band of the eye lash. Take care however to add a little extra to each corner, as these are the areas that lift the fastest.

Notice the glue appears thicker on the ends. 
Step 9: Apply the lash to the centre of your lash line, and LEAVE IT ALONE for 2 seconds.

Once it's there leave it! 
Step 10: Apply the outer corner to the lash line (space between your natural lashes and your eyelid) using tweezers OR your fingers.


Step 11: Apply the inner corner, same method as above. TAKE YOUR TIME.

There should be no gap between your natural lash and the falsies.

Step 12: use the back end of the tweezers to push the lash in place GENTLY and squeeze your natural lash and the falsies together.

Completed look.
And there you have it! This post is especially for our Paula of PauPrints, who requested this tutorial on Instagram last night. Thank you P. Hope this helps.

To everyone else, if you have any questions or need to know 'How To', do not hesitate to comment below!!! 


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