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What Products Are In Your Makeup Bag?

Hi Mavenz!!

This topic crossed my mind while I was watching YouTube videos AND rifling through my own cosmetics bag.

Let's say that you have to rush out the door and while you don't have the time to apply your makeup prior to leaving you can do it in the car or when you arrive at the event. So what's in the makeup bag you carry?

Here are some of my essential products and the things I personally like to carry with me. Surprisingly I don't do the whole face in my cosmetics bag BUT for you beauties, you can take ANYTING!

Face primer:

Face primer is not only an essential it's a no brainer. My belief is that if you have your skin prepped and ready i.e. cleansed, toned and moisturized the products will absorb into the skin making the foundation application even more flawless.

This is my favourite primer of all time because it is VERY mattifying, a little goes a long way AND it leaves skin smooth and even, Great skin prep for the assault of the sun and elements. 


I'm still testing out the NYX Micro Brow (will do a review month end). However Stud and Spiked by M.A.C are two of my favourite shades for brow prep and fill in a hurry. Ain't nobody got time for Brow Pomade and Gel when gal in a rush see? A few quick strokes, blend with a spoolie (in a pinch my fingers lol) and I'm golden. 


With these big, sleepy eyes I have, liner is a must in my waterline. I love these little NYC pencils because they are soft, water resistant AND long wearing. I hate when my liner smudges, but on the go, the application of some jet black khol keeps these peepers popping.


I am blessed with long top lashes, the bottom ones are laughable. So in order to avoid having to apply falsies, I reach for Maybelline Great Lash right quick. It defines my lashes well, the bristles are well spaced so that reduces clumping and one or two strokes has me two eye looking like I just got eyelash extensions. LOVE! 

Face Powder/Powder Foundation: 

Specifically M.A.C Studio Fix Pressed Powder. Why?? This joint is POTENT; pat pat pat too much and ya end up like Casper. But applied well with a brush and then pushed into the skin with a wedge/ sponge or Beauty Blender and I am legit good for 4-6 hours without foundation. 

Loose Setting Powder: 

Outside HOT! So when I need to touch up, I grab one of the Ben Nye samples we carry in Chestnut or Topaz dip my brush or wedge in and touch up. Perfect for the busy working lady who needs to keep it fresh and matte.


I usually carry both HOWEVER it is easier to apply a gloss. I can apply and reapply without the hassle of feathering and peeling AND the gloss effect instantly perks up a look. Added bonus no liner needed!! 

Oil Absorbing Sheets: 

Bruh! Didn't I say outside heated? Well ya need these, plus tissues, paper towel AND a portable pool see? 


I cannot tell you how many times these little glucose filled sheets of goodness saved me from smudged mascara, dirty powdery hands or a pencil that dropped to the car floor (gross I know).

Cosmetic Cases/Bags:

Ammm, goes without saying right? Well choose one that's cute, sophisticated BUT bears insults. I prefer pink or black but feel free to use purple or red or any colour you choose. I just love to see a clean makeup bag when I'm forced to do my face in public or on the go.

Miscellaneous Items: 

Cotton Wool Rounds 
Clear Mascara
Toner (in a travel size container) 
Brush Cleaner

And there you have it. The items I prefer to carry in my makeup bag. I would love to know what you #mavenz take in yours. Comment below! 


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