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Worth The Hype

Last year I mentioned a few products that were totally hyped up on the 'Tube but they didn't tickle my fancy when I tried them. This toss I wanna tell you about some popular items that I was actually impressed with.

CoverGirl Queen 'Ebony Bronze', the Balm 'Mary-Lou Manizer', Nars 'Tribulation', Laura Mercier 'Ritual' and Bobbi Brown 'Bronze Glow'

CoverGirl Queen Natural Hue Bronzer 'Ebony Bronze'

Keisha (MakeupD0ll) talked about this so much I think CoverGirl should give her shares. I remember getting the 'Brown Bronze' shade first and not being impressed til' I discovered that it's a dupe for M.A.C's 'Refined Golden' bronzer. The product is pressed hard into the pan which gives it an incredibly stiff texture and makes it not so pleasant to swatch. But lemme tell yuh, get you a "rougher" natural bristle brush - not like scrubbing brush rough yuh know - and you're gonna love this. While there is a micro shimmer to the product it still works well for contouring; and with eleven grams of product it'll last for a while.

CoverGirl Queen Natural Hue Bronzer 'Ebony Bronze'

the Balm Cosmetics 'Mary-Lou Manizer'

Charged with the offense of being "too pretty, too popular", 'Mary-Lou Manizer' has to be the Balm's top selling product. Everybody and their grandmother talks about this; most recently it was RawBeautyKristi. This is ridiculously high shine. Run away if you prefer subtle highlighters. Also, the Balm's packaging is just too bloody cute...I wanna work there.

the Balm Cosmetics 'Mary-Lou Manizer'

Nars Blush 'Tribulation' LE

I know, I know. I just got this. That's how impressive it is. Natalie and Trisha talked up a storm about this and I was like: "meh, I doubt it'd be so awesome on a black woman". I was wrong. It is even more awesome. If 'Mary-Lou Manizer' is too "light" for you 'Tribulation' will put you in your feelings! This is my first Nars single blush and I am even more intrigued with them now.

Nars Blush 'Tribulation'
Nars Blush 'Tribulation' swatched

Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze 'Ritual'

You know something is legit when a brand re-releases it. Twice. You Mavenz have seen me mention this before a few times. I'm so hooked I'm really contemplating getting the mini size in this Holiday's Blush & Glow Radiant Face Trio.

Laura Mercier Baked Blush Bronze 'Ritual' image
Speaking of re-releases...

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder 'Bronze Glow'

Listen, Linda. Listen!

No, but seriously. Bobbi put her foot in this one. Since Estee Lauder owns Bobbi Brown and M.A.C I wonder how close this is to the 'In Extra Dimension' formula. Whatever the case, this is still available on (not in the limited edition packaging, but still) and I highly recommend it.

Bobbi Brown High Light Powder 'Bronze Glow'
Bobbi Brown High Light Powder 'Bronze Glow' swatch

L- R: 'Ebony Bronze', 'Mary-Lou Manizer', 'Tribulation', 'Ritual' and 'Bronze Glow' swatches
L- R: 'Ebony Bronze', 'Mary-Lou Manizer', 'Tribulation', 'Ritual' and 'Bronze Glow'


Heidi suggested that I do this post after I called to ask her how she felt about 'Tribulation'. Since it was a cheek product that inspired it, that kinda set the tone and I only included things from that category. If you'd like to see a lip/eye/tool/nail polish etc. version let me know in the comments. 

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