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Top Five Nail Care Tips

I love shoes. LOVE. Love. Love. Ok, you get it; I hope. *whispers* Love. I don't try on shoes unless I can buy them cause I have those kindda feet that look good in anything. It's a problem. What's that gotta do with the title? Loving shoes means yuh gotta take care of your feet; and a huge part of that is taking care of your nails.

Long before this makeup love affair I was in a steady relationship with nail polish. I remember having more Ruby Kiss polishes than I knew what to do with in my early teenage years. Somewhere along the way I totally fell off with that. Now, it's back with a bang. Y'all know I buy more nail polish than I have the time or energy to put on :(

To the point... makes no sense buying nail polish grandmurrr and not taking care of your nails. Much like it's pointless to love makeup and ignore proper skincare. I mostly paint my nails myself. I'm not a fan of it but I figure I can't give y'all honest reviews if I can't speak from the novice (read: non professional) perspective. So what have I learned on this DIY journey?

Your nails are not tools

This is something I heard Stacey say and I couldn't agree more. If you really want to maintain healthy nails stop using them as tools. No putting keys on keychains - number one destroyer; no picking off labels; no opening cans. Sounds high maintenance? Maybe, but if you're serious about keeping your nails in the best shape you'll soon see that it's necessary.

Keep your nail moisturised

Moisturised skin automatically looks more youthful. Cuticles included. Being consistent with those cuticle oils/butters will make the world of difference. Trust. This is a tip Lindsay shared in a recent video.

Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Butter
[Click photo to shop]

Get a good nail buffer

My nails are prone to flaking. When it gets really bad I usually cut them off and start fresh but if you have more patience than I - which I'm sure most people do - you can easily buff your nail bed to regain one smooth surface. I especially love buffing my nails to rid them of any discolouration.

UK nail product haul
Check out Jodi's UK haul here

Speaking of discolouration...

Peroxide (or Lime juice) + Baking Soda

A DIY nail brightener. Done consistently it works.

Don't let your nails go bare

Everyone might not agree with this but I've found that every time I have absolutely nothing on my nails for an extended period of time they end up splitting (that could also be largely in part to not following numbers one and two, but hey...). I'm sure you've heard the term "letting your nails breathe"... I've heard trained cosmetologists say ain't e'en possible. Now, by no means am I saying my nails are always painted. I don't have the diligence for that; but even when there's no colour on them there's a nail treatment or a ridge filling base coat...something.

Butter London Nail Foundation
[Click photo to shop]

Let me know your nail care tips in the comments cause I am by no means a Pro.

p.s. this post was late cause I was shopping the Rescue Beauty Lounge closing down sale that that tempress - and fellow nail polish lover - Jodi told me about.

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