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Would I Repurchase? Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara

Beauty blogger fail alert!

Heidi got this for me since last year and I only recently got around to opening it. Research today shows that this company is no longer in business. You can read a bit more about it here. So I guess I couldn't repurchase it even if I wanted to :( Seems like it was affiliated with the Estee Lauder group and once even carried on From that site: "Take lashes above and beyond. This lengthening formula lifts and separates lashes with a unique comb brush for extreme length. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for contact lens wearers".

Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara packaging
Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara wand

From the time I opened this product and saw the wand I was like: "oh!". This is definitely the most unique one I've ever seen. If you think about it, it kinda follows the premise of the L'Oreal Telescopic line: a thin rubber wand with fine spiked (?) evenly spaced bristles. How the Flirt! one differs was the length of the wand and the curve. That sounds so raunchy in my head.

Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara wand

Just like that L'Oreal line, this is excellent for definition and length. You've seen me say on all these mascara reviews that my lashes are pretty long so I'm always looking for volume/'drama'. This is the perfect companion mascara in my opinion since definition is also something I appreciate.

Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara wand

The size of the wand is perfect for lower lash line application as well; another plus in my book. Now let me tell you about the sole problem I have with this product: as with all rubber bristle wands the product comes off easier. That material just doesn't allow for the build up that occurs with fibre wands. That doesn't mean that build up doesn't occur though. The last time I used this mascara too much product was on the wand. As a result I got some mascara on my lower water line. This thing burn like a mofo. I mean, instant red eyes. And because the mascara wasn't set that meant immediate raccoon eyes when my eyes started to water. I had to flush my eyes with water right away. Imagine the stress that wouldda been to deal with if I had on a full face of makeup!

So yeah, as I said in the last mascara review wiping off the excess product is a must. I won't be making that mistake again.

Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara packaging

As shown in the haul post this mascara comes in a box. The shade I have is '01 Extreme Black'. The product is very pigmented but truly I think that's only really evident with volumizing formulas. It was very easy to wash off though.

Flirt! Far Out Lengthening Mascara applied

I did see a few of them available on Amazon for $24USD if you're interested.

p.s. we have some new deluxe sample sizes of Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Lasting Lipstick 'Melted Peony' (pictured above) on sale in The Marketplace for $25.

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