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IMATS or The Makeup Show?

Short answer: it depends.

Long answer...

After attending IMATS last year I wondered how The Makeup Show would be different. First off, The Makeup Show states that it's a "PRO-focused" event whereas IMATS caters to the general beauty loving public. "The Makeup Show is a PRO-focused beauty event open only to those in the beauty and fashion industry. Makeup artists, hairstylists, estheticians, cosmetologists, agents, models, stylists, photographers, industry insiders and anyone that works or studies in under the umbrella of beauty and fashion are permitted attendees."1 That said, I had no problems purchasing my tickets and at the door I wasn't asked to provide any credentials. N.B. I emailed prior to booking to ask if I would be granted entry and was told that as a blogger I was considered a part of the industry.

As an extension of the first point, The Makeup Show is significantly smaller; I don't know if that's why they're less vendors or if it's the other way around. There are still plenty of prominent, established and emerging brands present though.

Kat Von D display at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Kat Von D

Glamour Chicks Cosmetics at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Glamour Chicks 

Magnolia Makeup at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Magnolia Makeup

Limited Edition Betty Boop Z Palette at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Z Palette

Lit Cosmetics glitters at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Lit Cosmetics

Natasha Denona Blush Duos at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

Inglot Pigments at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

Sephora Pro at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
The Body Shop

Cinema Secrets brush cleanser at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Cinema Secrets

AJ Crimson loose powder at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
AJ Crimson

Make Up For Ever at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Make Up For Ever 

breakups to makeup pouch at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

black|Up Contouring Powder at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

Cozzette brushes at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

The Lip Bar at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

NARS Summer 2016 Collection at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -

Since it's a PRO-focused event a lot of vendors were honouring their PRO discounts and encouraging new qualifying members to sign up. For non-MUAs, like myself, the deals, discounts and gift-with-purchase opportunities was about the same as IMATs with a few outliers.

Sharalee and I had the time to sit in on a few seminars this toss and the amount of expertise present at The Makeup Show was truly amazing. You could tell that these people are passionate about their craft...and sick of Instagram beauty fads lol. Be sure to check out our Instagram feed for the videos. Adequate skin prep and product knowledge were recurring themes. These tradeshows are often where brands take the opportunity to soft launch new products. For example: Renny Vasquez debuted his lipstick collaboration with AJ Crimson and Make Up For Ever launched their Water Blend Foundation.

Price: IMATS for 2 days was $120USD whereas The Makeup Show for 2 days was $82USD. There were way less Beauty YouTubers at The Makeup Show so if you don't like that hullabaloo that's the event for you. We did meet Tina and she is just at awesome (and beautiful) in person :)

I hope that was enough information for you to decide which you would attend. I would do both but certainly with a different game plan for each. New York for shopping is an experience in itself but I'm ready to scope out other cities.

Sharalee and I at The Makeup Show New York 2016 -
Happy birthday Sharalee

1 The Makeup Show FAQs


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