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The Curious Case of Summer Makeup

I find it intriguing that as the temperature heats up in the States, the majority of beauty vloggers I watch are going on and on about wearing less makeup cause they don't want it all to melt off. Totally understandable of course since in high humidity we don't want to feel anything too heavy or sticky on our skin. Problem comes when we still want our imperfections covered adequately. Why I called it intriguing is because this is what we face in the Caribbean year round - how to perfect the skin and obtain a nice #beatface in such a way that it stands up to the heat. It gets even hotter in the middle of the year. Sadly, that's when many of our Carnival seasons are; so we're going out more often.
Event photography has put new pressure on us to look put together from start to finish. Not. I think if you paying all that money for an all inclusive + outfit + makeup + perfume, you should do as bad as you please and don't care who's watching. But I also understand that you and your peeps are gonna want that #cleanstamp photo for Instagram. LOL.

So is it possible? Can you achieve full coverage that won't melt off as you 'squat and guh down'? I think so; the trick is in the concoction plus managing your expectations.

Lemme get that latter part out of the way first: you're gonna sweat. If you don't sweat you're dead. What you don't want is your foundation trickling down your cheek too. The following isn't new information. I'm sure I shared it here before and I definitely have on the Facebook page:

1. Primer

I usually recommend primers for the purpose of increasing makeup longevity, they also can assist in smoothing skin texture if it isn't very uneven. If your skin is uneven, great makeup application starts with skincare. Make sure you've properly exfoliated, then look into a primer that's more silicone based. I don't recommend heavily siliconed primers for people with oily skin. To boost the effectiveness of primers, some might use a setting spray before they apply foundation. If you have sensitive skin I wouldn't recommend this step due to most setting sprays' high alcohol content.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer -

2. Foundation

What type of foundation you use will depend on your skin type. For events I usually go with something full coverage; this allows me to control the opacity with ease depending on my application tool i.e. full coverage with a brush or sheer with a blending sponge. After you've applied your foundation, blot away the excess pigment with a Bounty tissue. That's a tip I heard from Wayne Goss and we all know that he knows what he's talking about. If you're not a fan of full coverage foundations you could try something like M.A.C Face and Body or the newly reformulated Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation. Those are lightweight formulas that are water and transfer resistant/proof. I once heard that the M.A.C version actually forms a film (protective barrier) when it sets and that's why celebrity makeup artists like to use it on photo shoots, especially to cover models' legs.
When I'm in a rush I spot conceal and then go over everything with M.A.C Studio Fix Powder. Taking extra care to really buff the product in. You absolutely have to mist the hell outta your face after using a powder foundation.
Whatever type you use please get the correct shade; we don't want that ghostly ring around our hairline to show up in photos.
It's also very important that we use as little product as necessary when we're applying these layers of foundation, concealer and powder. This pound of concealer under the eye in a triangle trend got me soooooooo beat!

My Foundations -

3. Setting Spray

Recently Karolynn and I were joking about how she doesn't think setting sprays actually do anything but she still uses them religiously. I found it funny because we're both big fans of the Kat Von D 'Lock 'N Load'. You can read my thoughts on setting sprays here.

My Setting Sprays -

4. Touch Ups

I'm a self professed non-toucher-upper so if we ain't talking about lipstick reapplication yuh gaw miss me. But I do know that sometimes it's necessary to take down the shine. Always blot before reapplication. Always. Always. I've seen so many women reapplying their powder foundation on top of their oil secretions and it literally makes me cringe. I also don't recommend using a powder foundation for touch ups. Those powders are usually heavy and layer after layer can end up looking mask like.

NYX Matte Blotting Paper -
Seen in Paradise Beauty Supply, Broad Street
Black Radiance Oil-Absorbing Blotting Tissues -
Posted on our Facebook page June 4, 2012
Summer Makeup Essentials -
posted on our Facebook page January 9, 2013
"Just for Liz Veeravalli, how I combat “oil slick face”: 1. Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a primer. 2. Apply a long-wearing foundation placing the majority of the product on the parts of your face that actually need it. 3. Blot the excess with a Bounty tissue. 4. Apply a long wearing concealer. 5. Blot the excess. 6. Apply an oil absorbing finishing/setting powder to the most oil prone parts of the face. 7. Set everything with a setting spray, generously.
I personally can't be bothered with touch ups but many people take oil absorbing sheets with them or a blot powders to refresh their look. - Lucinda"

I recommend the M.A.C Blot Powder, Studio Careblend Pressed Powder or the Black Opal Invisible Oil Blotting Powder (pressed for touch ups or the loose for initial liquid foundation setting).

M.A.C Studio Careblend Pressed, Blot Powder Pressed and Plush Glass -

Let us know your summer makeup tips in the comments.

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