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Pure Source Barbados Haul

I reserve most of the hauls for Keek and occasionally Instagram but this one is extra special. Fellow blogger, Corey Sandiford bless me wid a lil berry as the ole people would say. He's walking the 'Pay It Forward' walk and wished me abundance. Isn't that amazing? Especially in a time where most people are so self serving?

Thanks again Corey. Your kindness is remarkable.

I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted me to say all that publicly but I felt compelled to. Yuh see, it ain't like Corey and I are long time bosom buddies. I met him years ago via a mutual friend when they started a youth empowerment group. I was always impressed with his intelligence and commitment to make a difference. Well yuh know life often gets in the way of things and after a while we were no longer in touch. Fast forward to more recent times and we once again found ourselves in a circle via another friend. Again, I was given more reasons to impressed with Corey due to his reliability and sense of loyalty to his friends. Friends. Humph. I have some friends that have never done what Corey has. But alas, "humans will always be who they want/ and that's what really makes the world go 'round/ unconditional love is scarce" - Jr. Gong.

Dahs a big tune yuh.

Pure Source Barbados trips happen about every two months. I go to check out what's new and restock my favourite REN Clean Skincare, Neom Organics, rms beauty and thisworks aromatherapy products. Neom Organics broke my heart by discontinuing their 'Tranquility' Room Mist so I decided to give the Bath & Shower Oil a try. It has the same amazing scent so I'm pleased with that.

Neom Organics 'Tranquility' Bath & Shower Oil and Tata Harper 'Be True' Lip Treatment -

I also decided to pick up one of the Tata Harper Lip Treatments. Tata Harper is a luxury green beauty brand so as you would imagine the products carry a hefty price tag...but you do get superior ingredients. Caroline Hirons was recently raving about their eye cream. I'm interested to see if this product is better than my beloved lip & skin balm.

Neom Organics 'Tranquility' Bath & Shower Oil and Tata Harper 'Be True' Lip Treatment -

The service at Pure Source Barbados is always stellar and you probably can't find international brands with better ingredients anywhere on the island. Definitely worth a visit. Also worth a visit is Corey's blog if you can handle witty writings cleverly punctuated with gifs :)

Thanks again Corey; I hope to encourage someone as you have encouraged me.

1 <3

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