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Moden Cosmetics - The Rebirth


It's absolutely unbelievable to us that so many people are still unaware that we have our own line of lipstick. We definitely have lots of work to do!

Allow me to introduce our 10 babies to you.

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We launched Moden Cosmetics in late 2015 and since then our growth has progressed steadily.

Team Moden at Moden Cosmetics Lipstick Launch -
Team Moden & Vecpict Photography - Lipstick Launch 2015

The line features 10 shades in two different formulas: creamy matte and liquid matte. The lipsticks are versatile and the colour range is varied.

Moden Cosmetics Creamy Matte Lipsticks - 

Moden Cosmetics Creamy Mattes:

The packaging is attractive, a bullet encased in a matte black lipstick container, featuring a nonslip cap. When we tested this formula, we realised that while the feel on the lips was moisturizing the colour payoff was still substantial. This line is on sale now for $25BBD (reg. price: $35BBD

Here are the shade names and descriptions:

'Glossy Peck' - soft matte purple with blue undertones
'Lush' - orange based red
'Pumps' - blue based red with slight sheen (colour dupe for 'Ruby Woo' but not as drying)
'Blue Bomber' - deep purple with light reflecting properties

'Cookie' - blue based hot pink 

'Bare Naked' - nude

From Fall 2016 we will introduce two new shades, another nude, 'Muted' and a deep red 'Stunner'. We will release our lipgloss collection Nov/Dec 2016.

Moden Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches -

Liquid Matte Lipsticks:

This formula is not like any liquid lipstick you have tried. While the product dries down to a matte finish we do not experience the dry flakiness that so often comes with liquid lipstick wear. The packaging is sleek; a black shiny tube with a click brush applicator. Specifically designed for the lady on the go. Just click, apply, slay 💄💄.

These lipsticks are also on sale now for $35BBD (reg. price: $45BBD)

Moden Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks -

The shades and descriptions: 

'Midnight' - blackest black
'Purple Passion' - eggplant/blue based purple
'Brown Suga' - midtone brown (90s lip worthy)
'Pink Slip' - magenta

Moden Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks swatches -
Moden Cosmetics Lipstick swatches -
'Stunner' - $25BBD

So contact me if you want to test, try or buy (Tel: 246-230-0619). We'll be launching our website soon and we are confident that you'll love your purchase! 


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