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#Anti-Haul | Holiday 2016

Let me start with the same lament as last year: why are these 'holiday' sets being released so early? Lord lewwe try to enjoy the present nuh.

Anyho, I've already touched on a few sets that I won't be purchasing: anything from Too Faced (cause their stuff looks pretty much like last year's) and that gorgeous looking highlighter palette from Laura Mercier. Come to think of it, Laura Mercier Holiday 2016 offerings look a lot like what they did last year too. I guess that's a good thing for those of you who missed out.

On to specifics:

Anything from Tarte

Apart from me being disgusted with their greenwashing tactics and the fact that seemingly spend more on taking a clique of beauty vloggers to tropical vacations rather than investing in better products; I'm generally no longer impressed with Tarte. And their Holiday 2016 releases didn't do much to sway me. The one thing I was even remotely interested in was a blush palette...and that like it ain't for black people. Check Emily's and Melanie's videos below for more information.


I like Stila stuff mostly but dem let me down this year. Last time I got the two mini lip sets but I've found some inconsistencies in their liquid lipstick range. This toss they did the lip kits a lil different as well as introduced a pretty topper. Check out Cynira's Instagram for pictures. She also did a post on their highlighter palette which like it ain't fuh black people neida. Jen likes it though:

Bite Beauty

Bite really cut back on their Discovery Set versus what was offered for Holiday 2015; it costs less too though. They are offering two lip kits this time and I'm sure they'll have the usual 'ornament' minis. One of the kits provides a great way to try their new Amuse Bouche formula. Check out Olivia's videos for swatches:

Best Bite Redux - Holiday 2016: $25USD image
Discovery Set - Holiday 2016: $39USD image
The Perfect Bite Set - Holiday 2016: $25USD image

Urban Decay

You can check out the entire collection on their site. Nothing ain't moving me. Their Instagram feed has on some products that make me raise an eyebrow though: the re-release of their Vintage Nail Collection and that Full Spectrum palette that I just might get for a future giveaway :)

...or would you guys prefer the Kat Von D MetalMatte one? Let us know in the comments.

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