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2017 Top Five | Beauty Service Providers

Unlike my Influencers post the persons mentioned below are all local and I know them. If that makes me biased then you should take everything I'm about to say with a grain of salt.

Heidi Bowen of Moden Makeup

Let's get the obvious one out of the way shall we 😉 I've said before how much I've learned watching Heidi conduct her Workshops. Since then she has increased her skillset, restructured her modules and truly focused on knowledge sharing. Every participant departs feeling enlightened; emboldened to try something they once thought was daunting. No one leaves empty handed. This kindda thing speaks to me because I've attended many M.A.C classes and saw the value only in the products I was reimbursed. Not to say, the outing isn't a good time - especially if you go with friends - but some settings leave you more intimidated than excited. #TeamModen affiliations aside, I can see how Heidi has grown as a Beauty Educator. And fuh my one part I know any session booked with her is money well spent.

Heidi is hands on during her Workshops -

Jenai Sealey of J For Hair and Skin

She's currently rebranding so stay tuned. I wax poetic about Jenai because she whipped my skin into shape after stubborn post acne hyperpigmentation was making me miserable. Along with that, she shapes my eyebrows perfectly. Perfectly. I can not begin to explain to you how much that means to me. Wunna should know I prefer to take the path of least resistance so I'm not a pomade or powder brow type of girl. On top of all that she's a bomb hairstylist that deals with all textures and types.

Brow wax and weave installation by Jenai
Hair coloured by Karolynn

Jamel Bullen of Ten TwentySix Furnishing

A joiner who understands our beauty storage needs. Need I say more? Jamel's latest life saver for me was providing somewhere to put these bajillion lip products. He has said: "if you see it, we can make it". I believe him.

Nail polish rack
Glass front shelves with decorative brackets designed and installed by Jamel

Karolynn Browne of Over The Top Beauty

Makeup, nails, pedicures, wigs, hair colouring... it's pretty much a one stop shop ova dey. Karolynn is a fellow shopaholic so she's always up on the latest 😁

Full wig with closure constructed and custom coloured by Karolynn
Kadooment inspired makeup by her too 😉
Hair coloured and installed by Jenai
60s inspired makeup by Karolynn

Roshane Williams of The Pretty Kitty

My literal woe. I have known her from the time we were eight. There's nothing this woman can't do once she sets her mind to it. Her latest venture has definitely been the most interesting. I honestly think she's very good at this intimate waxing thing because she scornful. I know that sounds bad but what I want you to understand is that the woman is obsessed with hygiene. She's branched out into sourcing (and conconcting) solutions for hyperpigmentation and hair retardation. As per usual, she's putting her all into providing safe solutions with proven results. Read Heidi's account of her first Brazilian wax here.

The Pretty Kitty After Care Kit -
The Pretty Kitty leg wax advertisement
Shot by Karl Branch

Special shout out to Danielle Bourne over at Lady C's Ltd (436-3464). She's another wax Boss who appreciates a full brow.

All of these people I have spent my money with and received excellent service. I've also recommended them to numerous people. Let us know who your favourite service providers are in the comments 😊



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