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Uh Barrifle Ah Empties

Recycling time...

Aromatherapy is a must. The Puressentiel line is available from Aqua Pharmacy. The Air Sprays in particular limit the sources of allergies, promote sleep, calm stress etc. If you suffer from sinus congestion, it's worth it to keep them in your arsenal. this works is a beloved brand over here but y'all already knew that.

'Sea Salt & Kelp' is the winning scent among these Waitrose body washes. Check them out in Massy Stores; cheap and sweet.

Waitrose moisturizing body washes -

Bath and Body Works Fine Fragrance Mists are also standard repurchases. I had that Victoria's Secret one in my gym bag and it expired. Never seen that before.

More body wash; all good stuff. Y'all realise Bath and Bath Works up de ting on their Aromatherapy packaging?

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Island Edition 'Sleep' Body Wash + Foam Bath -

My Voluspa candle collection has increased this year. 'Elysian Garden' smells amazing. "Elysian Garden: Sunlight Speckled Fern, Moss & Grotto, Citrus Fruit, Green Foliage." They classified it as a green scent, I didn't even think I liked those. Ah well.

'Crisp Morning Air', 'Raspberry Tangerine' and 'Black Berries & Basil' were the new experiences. In typical fashion, they were a delight. 'Sleep' smelled like a blast from the past. Try that pillow mist if you get a chance.

Bath and Body Works Hand Soaps empties -

'Winter Candle Apple' Wallflower is one of the best, if not the best.

'Winter Candy Apple' Wallflower Home Fragrance Refill -

There's still a bag of trash around here so look out for more talk about garbage 😁


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