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A Quick Word on Hoarding image Stop it! I know how easy it is as a make-up enthusiast/shopaholic to amass more products than you could ever seriously use in nine life times. Worst off are us beauty bloggers who can hide under the guise of "I'm buying it to review". Let's be real, buying more stuff just leads to buying more stuff to store it in and that's a staircase to oblivion. Here are my tips on how to avoid the hoarding trap: 1. Get a tester I know in Barbados getting a tester feels like finding the pink mento; but it can't hurt to ask. If the issue is the retailer not having a sample container, walk with your own. The ability to test before we buy would save us a lot of money and heartache. Are you listening Cave Shepherd?! 2. Only buy what you really like. Allow me to offer up myself as an example. Errrrrrbody knows I love blush; recently I acknowledged -  yes, acknowledged. I does have to come to grips wid muhself -  that I use concealer

Give-away #1 [CLOSED]

As a "thank you" to our blog subscribers we will host give-aways every month. These will be on a smaller scale to our contests on  Facebook ; but nice products none the less. Recently, I informed you that the "newish" (cause things does take their sweet time to reach Barbados) products from Milani are available in #1 Beauty Supply. The lipsticks and liners in particular have received rave reviews on YouTube and other beauty blogs. Milani display in #1 Beauty Supply Well of course I had to pick up something - #NoBuyFail; so to ease my guilt I also purchased a Color Statement Lipliner '05 Haute Pink' for one of our lucky subscribers. In addition, you'll receive a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain '020 Lovesick'. Prizes for our first blog give-away  We show our appreciation for your support as often as we can. So please subscribe if you want to take part. Prizes will range from "drugstore" (what's the Bajan eq

Blush Combo - Sleek 'Flushed' and NYX 'Diva'

Let the updates continue.... I first mentioned this blush combination on our  facebook  page  exactly one year ago. My my, how de blush collection has multiplied since then. At the time I was very into "berry" tone blushes and loved what they did for women of colour. posted on our Facebook page May 23, 2012 Nyx 'Diva' and Sleek 'Flushed' (thank God for Instagram  filters and effects) Sleek blushes are infamous for their high pigmentation and relatively low cost. The only challenge is getting the products as it is a UK based company. Thankfully Essential Trends, a local supplier, has them available ever so often; and even better for me, my friend Katrina who is studying in London often hooks me up *fist pump* NYX products are readily available in Barbados via Exotica Makeup. These cream blushes in particular are also very pigmented. The trouble some people have with them is that they are very emollient, so people with oily skin would shy aw

Welcome Moden Mavenz

Welcome to our new blog. As a special treat to our  facebook  fans, we're going to go through alllllllllllllllll those wall posts you thoroughly enjoyed and provide updates on the products mentioned. Funny enough one of the first pictures  I  posted on May 11, 2012 was of the Essie collection available in Collins. This was the first time we were hearing of Essie polishes available in Bridgetown. One year later and this is the only Essie collection Collins has had on their shelves. Crazy right?! So what do we think of them? One word: LOVE.    This lavender is Essie 'Play Date' Essie 'A Cut Above' <--- GORGEOUS Essie's cream finishes are very "self levelling" and opaque in two most (one if you're good). The glitter polish is not overly troublesome to remove. Overall, we give this product 2 Thumbs Up . A whole year later and we're still smitten.  What would like an update on next? Let us know in the comments. Plea