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Blog Sale

Just an update guys,  Jolie Cosmetics  and Sparkle will be present at the sale as well. This means more lip products will be available for purchase as well as accessories. This sale is the perfect time for to get your make-up, nail polish and jewellery for all your Crop Over events. #Winning A lot of people have asked for photos of the products available in the blog sale. If you haven't seen our  facebook  page, I'll insert the photos I posted yesterday. Time did not permit to take individual shots but I hope you get an idea of what's on offer. As I said in this  blog  post, be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment as stock is limited. If your unable to catch us this time around, stayed tuned for the release date for our December sale. I hope to see you Saturday even if it's just to say hi! Eye products: $2 - $60 Pigment samples: $5 (M.A.C: Bronze, Fresh Water and Typographic; Sugarpill Lumi and Barry M Dazzledust 98) Tools: $5 - $100 L

Would I Repurchase? NYX Shine Killer image For those of you not familiar with the Caribbean, we have two seasons: hot and hotter . Thus, the quest for a long lasting primer is very real. As I mentioned in a previous  blog  post, we don't have access to the vast array of North American or European brands but thankfully NYX products can be found here. My first hands on - gotta differentiate cause I saw it on YouTube months before I saw it in person - reaction to this product was shock that the ingredients in this and the Pore Filler by the same company are very similar. What's up with that? Exterior packaging of both products showing the ingredients Anyhow, I said I'll be a guinea pig for y'all and forked out $30 ( seriously? ) in Exotica Makeup to test this Shine Killer out. First time I applied and actually remembered to take a picture. Approximately 9 pm. Due to the Dimethicone ((also called polymethylsiloxane) is a silicon-based polymer used as a lu

How To: Navigate A Blog Sale

We're having our second blog sale this Saturday and I wanted to share some pointers that will hopefully allow you to make the most of it. Blog sales are huge in the  YouTube  beauty community because make-up lovers have the chance to purchase products they were lusting after or just wanted to try, for a fraction of the original price. Items in blog sales are either never used, only swatched or slightly used. (All used items will be sanitized but we always encourage to re-sanitize them for your peace of mind). Usually this is all an online transaction but  Moden Makeup  is bringing this experience to you in person. This time we're teaming up with  Miss B's Beauty  so customers have even more options.  Here's how I would capitalise at a blog sale: 1. Get there early. Stock is usually limited. 2. Have an idea of the kind of items you're looking for .  Best not to walk in blind. For instance, if nail polish is your weakness check those out first. Th

Would I Repurchase? Lancome Visionnaire vs. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

A Two'fer! Of the products mentioned I purchased the Clinique first. The 1 oz bottle retails for $129.99 local price. I wasn't expecting miracles immediately because, as with all skincare, it takes consistent use and time to see results. The Clinique rep at the Cave Shepherd, Broad Street counter told me it would take "about four bottles" to see results. At that price?! posted October 10, 2012:  "Today on See Dis And Leff It: a bitter pill for me to swallow, Clinique's Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. Some reviews I have seen said this does work over time. Other people said it caused them to break out. Personally, I've had better results with a good cleanser, chemical peels and face friendly sunblock" I used the entire 1 oz and even bought  the 1.7 oz to give it a fair assessment. I feel this would suit dry skin types better due to its serum like qualities. That consistency and Barbados' heat do not add up. I have resolved to u

Give-away #3 [CLOSED]

In our last give-away we asked what your favourite lipstick was. That wasn't by accident. One thing I have discovered whilst working with  Moden Makeup  is that whether or not women wear make-up, all of us love lipgloss. So we have decided to make this prize all about lip products. Prize No. 3 We were so pleased to see you mention that Jolie Cosmetics' lipsticks were among your favourites. In my recent  BMEX  haul, I purchased Matte Raspberry specifically for this blog give-away. To date - gotta add that disclaimer cause I'm yet to try so many of her products - that is my favourite Jolie lipstick. It's pigmented, applies smoothly, stains a little (which adds to the longevity) and most importantly, doesn't dry out my lips like Heidi's  beloved Ruby Woo - it looks gorgeous on but let's be honest now! Left to Right: Jolie lipstick in 'Matte Raspberry', Nicka K lipstick in 'Pink Tint', L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in 'Rose Eli

Conceal It!

I'm excited! First time in a long time I'm glad I bought a concealer!  Believe that I've tried MAC, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Fashion Fair, Covergirl, NYX, Milani, even Ruby Kisses, ohhhh boy I've run the gamut!  So on my recent travels I sought out the perfect concealer for me. My skin is sensitive,  hyperpigmented, and oily.  I bought three, L'oreal True Match Crayon, which my YouTube  Vlogger itsjudytime  tried, a wet n wild one and a Black Radiance concealer!  Well let me tell ya, I want a vat of this product. It is THE bomb! Light to full coverage, and it has a light fragrance that's not at all overpowering. See swatches below. If you follow me on Instagram  or Facebook  you'll see what it looks like with and without flash. And while I agree with Lucinda  about Deep not being deep for women of colour at alll, this medium deep has a nice orangey peachy undertone to cover my dark spots and give my under eye area a beautiful glow.  When I pair it w

Would I Repurchase? Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Flared

Moving through these mascara reviews people. Triple threat: the makings of a simple yet stunning eye look This title is actually incorrect since this mascara was gifted to me from  Heidi . She tends to 'do the most' at her Workshops and really goes the extra mile to make sure her patrons get their money's worth. Y U No Follow Me on  Instagram ? On to the point... posted on our Facebook page March 4, 2013 "REVIEW: Maybelline's the Falsies Volum' Express Flared. Medium formula i.e not too wet or dry. Slightly curved brush with densely packed bristles.  Pros: inexpensive, provides definition, separation and a maybe a little length (my lashes aren't particularly short).  Cons: strong scent when first opened (goes away with use)" I would most definitely purchase this mascara especially since I've discovered that it's a dupe for a popular YSL one ( at a quarter of that price? Fo sho! ). This brush/formula combi

Would I Repurchase? L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof

Back atchu with another mascara. posted May 30, 2012 I am so ashamed to tell you I have that very same tube (in the middle) right here in my hands now. *pause for your collective gasps* In my defence, I haven't been using it for a while. I guess I've just been hanging on to it for this post. #beautybloggerlife posted October 22, 2012 " MASCARA REVIEW: Next in the series is L'oreal's Voluminous. A wet formula with a standard spiral brush. I have no complaints (so much so that I got 2 other types to try). Persons with short bottom lashes may want to use another mascara (with a smaller brush) for that purpose. - Product can be purchased in Cave Shepherd and iMart stores islandwide. Bonus tip: with wet formula mascaras do your bottom lashes first to prevent transfer unto the eyelid " The wet composition of this formula adds longevity to the product but could be a problem for those with transfer issues. The mascara gives the look I like

Would I Repurchase? Milani Baked Blush

If you're familiar with our  facebook  page you already know the answer to this... of course! We've let you know about this product from when I first discovered it in Carlton & A1 supermarket down to every time we see the shelves restocked in Diamond Girl, Caribbean Queen, #1 Beauty Supply... allodem . posted on our Facebook page June 22, 2012 Milani is one 'low end' brand that had has consistently improved its products and marketing. They are raved about on YouTube now and for good reason. These blushes heralded the beginning of my love interest with Milani; I'm always looking to see what new products will be released. posted August 14, 2012 Carlton's price of $20.95 was too steep for me but when Diamond Girl brought theirs for $14.99, I was allllllll ova dat! posted September 7, 2012 At the time I posted the last picture, 'Red Vino' was my favourite (and coincidentally the hardest one to find). 'Corali

Beauty at BMEX

BMEX  (The Barbados Manufacturers' Exhibition) was held from June 27 - 30 this year and I was pleased to see a few brands from the local beauty community present. Tradeshows and expos such as BMEX and Girlfriend's Expo give brands an opportunity to reach a wider variety of persons. These events make it possible to: test new products, gain customer feedback, increase brand awareness as well as sell products (and sometimes services) on the spot. Jolie Cosmetics, Colour Coded Makeup, Essential Trends and Make Up Doll Cosmetics were the beauty brands I had a chance to see. If you follow me on  keek , you would have seen that I was at BMEX assisting at the  Clever Grocer  booth. As a result, I didn't have a chance to take as many photos for you as I would have liked. I did snap a few though. Shaniqua Trotman, Founder of Jolie Cosmetics Luckily I got to  chat  with Shaniqua and wish Jolie Cosmetics a happy birthday. The Company is 1 year old and celebrated with a retu