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Nordstrom Haul

You've heard me rave a lot about Sephora on  Instagram  but I stalk Nordstrom plenty too. Recently I decided to make a few high end purchases and enlisted the help of T.E.A.M Imports to get my greedy little hands on those items. Majority of these things I've seen many vloggers on  YouTube  talk about. I'm gonna do that 'YouTube Made Me Do It' tag very soon :D Don't forget, if you'd like to get a quote on any item you see here, please email T.E.A.M Imports via with the link to the product and they'll get back to you with a price. Lights on Lips by Smashbox 'Calypso Coral' Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks by Bobbi Brown My first Bobbi Brown product My first YSL lip product "So many men, so little time..." Cabana Boy by The Balm shot in natural lighting Swatch blended out 'Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi, Ce Soir?' Eye and Cheek palette by Nars My first experien

Would I 'Repurchase'? Collection 2000 Longer Lash and Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume mascaras

Errrrrrmahgad! These mascara  reviews are so backed up Imma have to do them two at a time. Le Sigh. Anyhew, this time around I have to say 'repurchase' because I didn't pay for these. Very often my lovely friends - read makeup enablers - surprise me with tokens and even more often I get sample size mascaras as a GWP (gift with purchase). Mostly from Sephora but occasionally from the pleasant Sales Associates in Senses, Limegrove. So get your Clinique and Estee Lauder stuff from there . First up Collection 2000 (now just Collection) Longer Lash lengthening mascara in 17 Ultra Black. UK gifts posted on  Instagram  33 weeks ago.  Thanks Katrina! shot in natural lighting The applicator is an average sized spiral wand with natural bristles. Think of it as the big brother to the Maybelline Lash Discovery. Funny enough, I didn't even notice the fibres in this product the first couple times I used it. I was very impressed from the onset with the pigmenta

Would I Repurchase? Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash

posted on the  Facebook  page April 24, 2013 "REVIEW: Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash. I use this fluid mostly in conjunction with my Mia 2 to ensure all makeup is removed. It foams slightly and cleanses pretty well. I wanted to try this brand as it claims to produce eco friendly products that are free of parabens, artificial fragrances etc. The Sea Kelp and Tea Tree Oil are the 5th and 6th ingredients listed respectively. The number 1 thing I have to say about this is that 'avoid contact with eyes' is in caps for a reason; lawd this thing burns the eyes. Is it worth it? Once you don't get it in your eyes, yes. Available at all Jenn's locations for $26.50 for 8.5 fl. oz". I finally tossed the bottle this week. Mind you, I have at least three face cleaners going at a time so this may not last you that long if you're using it consistently. As stated previously I really enjoyed using this with my  Clarisonic Mia 2 . That com

Sephora Haul

My brother has probably been dragged to more Sephoras in Canada than I can ever thank him for. But it's all for the greater good. The greater good. (10 points if you got that movie reference) Those black and white bags make me happy I've owned a pink Beauty Blender sponge for over a year now and never used it because I want it to be spotless after. When I saw the brand release a solid cleanser I had to try it. Word to the wise : check the size of the product when shopping online. You should always compare how much product is given with the price...and try very hard not to be swayed by packaging. For those of you not willing to shell out the money for this 1 oz soap,  Melissa Raymond  recently did a dupe video. The Dr. Bronner's line is available locally at Jenn's. I checked the Lanterns branch but they only had the liquid form. I was told the soap bars are still available at the Sheraton branch On to the Belle of the ball. My wish list is 

Give-away #6 [CLOSED]

This one is special! Remember when I said in this  post  that M.A.C Technique classes was one of our favourite things? Well, we're giving you a chance to experience the magic for yourself. I posted the details on the  facebook  page as soon as Celina gave me the scoop. This will be a great opportunity to learn, shop and have a ball with  Heidi  and  myself . During the last M.A.C Technique Heidi's finished product The class will be on Saturday October 26th, 3 pm at the Radisson Hotel (old Grand Barbados). This prize is non-transferable ; so make sure to can make it (God permitting) before you enter. The third one could be YOURS! How to enter: 1.  Subscribe  to this blog by entering your email address in the box under 'Keep In De Do'. 2.  Comment  below stating what was the first makeup item you ever bought. Dig down in de memory bank man! That's it! Competition open to Barbadian residents only. Winner will be chosen usin

My Wish List

I know what you're gonna say; I don't need any more makeup. I know, I know. Now if only that stopped me from wanting it. As I mentioned in this  post , I do not support hoarding. So much so that the  blog sale  list is updated very often with things I wish would find a better home. In addition to that, I regularly give products to my close girlfriends that I figure they would appreciate more than me. Make way for new stuff I say 😊 My wish list consists of things I have lusted after for months. It keeps me on the hunt for dupes whilst encouraging me to save towards someday purchasing these items. My birthday is in 2 weeks so hook a Sistuh up! I kid I kid. Lorac Pro Palette How long have I craved thee? You've heard me say before that I'm not all that into eyeshadow but this palette filled with matte and shimmery shadows has changed my mind. Hourglass Immaculate Foundation This is the first liquid foundation I've heard of that has a host of skin benefi

M.A.C Haul

You ask. We deliver. Usually when  Heidi  and I do a little shopping or receive gifts we'd post the loot on  Instagram . You've expressed that you want posts on that kindda stuff and we're here to please. M.A.C Artists always let me know when new goodies are hitting their counter. When Celina sent me the information for the Indulge, Retro Matte and Pro Longwear collections, I honestly was like "meh". No special packaging either? Pfffff. The Retro Matte and Pro Longwear lip liner (they didn't get the Paint Pots *shakes fists*) collections will officially be on counters September 12. The Broad Street branch is already sold out of the majority of the lipsticks so venture to Limegrove. I threw away my receipt by accident so forgive me for not posting prices. I already own the infamous Ruby Woo  and while the colour is fantastic, the texture does my poor sensitive lips no favours. I also have the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in More To Love (permanent). This wa

Most Used M.A.C Products (Top 10)

I got this idea from watching  ShadesofKassie 's video.  YouTube  is a wealth of information for just about everything, so me drawing inspiration from there -  as I spend hourrrrrsssssssss watching videos -  should be no surprise. For most of us makeup lovers in the Barbados, M.A.C is one place that gets a lot of our business since we don't have immediate access to many mid-range or high-end cosmetic companies. I know at the time I purchased the Studio Fix powder I certainly had the feeling of 'I Have Arrived!'. My my, how the internet broadens your horizons... As with all cosmetic lines, there are some stars and flops. Here's a list of what I think is worth it. 1. Fast Response Eye Cream The only M.A.C product I use every day. Good on it's own for making the under-eye less puffy. Excellent under concealer due its silicone base. I have recommended this to every one I know that doesn't get enough sleep...and they love it too. Clear cream t