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M.A.C Technique and Haul

Tools provided for the class. The notebook and pencil were for keeps. #TeamModen  celebrating winners one give-away at a time As I mentioned in this  post , M.A.C Techniques are a great way to learn tips, meet up with fellow makeup lovers and get information on the latest M.A.C products. The recent ones I've attended have cost $200 each which is redeemable in product from the store. Saturday's class was a beginner course where Sabrina, the Regional Trainer, took the attendees through achieving a flawless base, modifying a current runway trend for everyday wear and manipulating different lip products for a bold lip.  Sabrina (left) and her model A close up of the model  From my experience with these workshops, I've attended approximately 4 by now , the newer lines/products are highlighted. This time around it was all about the Prep + Prime Beauty Balm, Pro Longwear (foundation and Paint Pots) and Sheen Supreme Lipglass tint. The class was well a

Would I Repurchase? Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

From " Infused with refreshing Sweet Orange Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract, this natural facial scrub removes dirt, oil and make-up. Formulated with Ground Almonds, Oats and Pecans to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while Sweet Almond Oil and Glycerin help soften skin leaving your face fresh and dewy. With a scent reminiscent of citrus and pumpkin spice it's something to celebrate! • Helps removes dirt, oil and make-up with a blend of Sweet Orange Oil and Grapefruit Seed Extract • Exfoliates gently with Ground Almonds, Oats and Pecans • Helps soften skin with Sweet Almond Oil and Glycerin ". I purchased this from Bio Beauty so long ago that I forgot the price.  The next time I head up there I will update you!  (The Burt's Bees range is also carried in Collins but I've never seen this product on the shelf). This was when I was still very new to the brand and intrigued by its use of natural ingredients. Up until this time the  St. Ives

QR | Clinique Acne Solutions Sample | Will I Buy?

Hey Everyone! Before I get into the QR (Quick Review) I MUST give a shout out to Sharon Cadogan, her makeup was FIERCE!! (hope I got the name correct :S, apologies if I didn't)! She hailed me up in Sheraton yesterday and it was so nice meeting her and her daughter! Thanks for the follow, and if you see Lucinda  or myself please give us a shout. WE love meeting you!! I LOVE trying new products BUT with this fairweather skin I have, my options are usually limited to testing eyeshadows, primers and lip products. Oh and a mascara here and there. So Proactiv (which I recently reordered) has become a goooood friend of mine. But I digress... T.E.A.M Imports orders samples on occasion, and I was the fortunate recipient of this product. The Clinique Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel. Now it has been my experience with using Clinique on the affected areas that it BURNS. And I kinda like it. In my mind it means the product is working. This is what I received. Love it!  So does it wo

Product Rave | Smashbox 'Baked Starburst'

As I hoped you would have seen in this  Nordstrom haul , I recently got this Smashbox Lights on: Lips box set. I really wanted to try the highlighter since I saw it in a boutique shop in Jamaica but, if my memory serves me correctly, the price was a lil hot. I posted on keek my initial impression and what I paired it with. Sourced via T.E.A.M Imports Sets are a perfect way to try a few items from a brand and usually I keep a few products from them for future  giveaways  on this blog. isn't she precious? What I love about this product is the sheen it gives without looking "glittery". Highlighters with big shimmer/glitter particles can accentuate pores...and nobody wants that. I also appreciate the 'soft light' aspect since it isn't heavily metallic or frosty. This just gives the skin a very subtle healthy glow. Gorgeous ! Laura Mercier 'Pink Mosaic' Shimmer Bloc, M.A.C 'Centre of The Universe' Mineralized Skinfinish, Sma

Give-away #7 [CLOSED]

What's my favourite part of eye makeup? Mascara. You can see my last reviews here . From  Heidi  last  post  you can see she loves mascara too. We can't be the only ones. So this time around we're feeding ou...*ahem* your mascara love. Prizes in give-away #6 Covergirl Volumeexact in 'Very Black', Maybelline Volum'Express the Falsies Big Eyes (Waterproof) in 'Very Black', e.l.f Lengthening & Volumizing in 'Black', Lancome Hypnose Drama in ' Excessive Black' and L'Oreal Voluminous Original (Curved Brush) in 'Black' It 's a range of old and new mascaras on the market that will hopefully have in something you love - or come to love. How to enter: 1. Subscribe to this blog by entering your email address in the box under 'Keep In De Do'. 2. Comment below stating what's the favourite part of your makeup routine. Mine is foundation/concealer. I love achieving that flawless finish. That's it

If all my makeup disappeared...

Hi everyone! Let's cut to the chase. This has been a long time coming. If I lost/ had all my makeup (Heaven Only Knows, Jesus take the Wheel, My life would be OVER). When Lucinda  tagged me, I was instantly struck by a feeling of impending makeup doom. I was certain I would lose one of my faithful #brushes or an #eyeshadow I've had since Adam was a lad. I friends, am a hoarder. So here are the top 10 things I would repurchase IMMEDIATELY and without hesitation. Father, let it NEVER happen, otherwise you would see Lucinda and I both either at HMP Dodd's or seeking SERIOUS counselling! LOL 1. Smash Box Full Exposure Mascara. One of THE best mid-high end Mascaras on the market. I use it on my clients AND myself. The brush is phenomenal for colour deposit. And I am in love with the formula, it is so forgiving. Smudge proof, and intense, my eyelashes take on a doll-like effect when I apply two/three coats ( I am a mascara trollop) and I LUV dramatic looking lashes!

Bath and Body Works Haul

I love smell goods. On the way to lunch with  Heidi  yesterday we passed by a Miche bag store. Those bags never caught my attention but what did was the Bath & Body Works products they had on display. After our food court pit stop I decided to pop in. Bath and Body Works products are available here and there around the island but what I have never come across are the large candles. I was very glad to find them in this  store . Very glad. Large 3 wick candle - $35, Small candle -$10 This is also the first time I've come across the Wallflowers. Warm Vanilla Sugar is my favourite scent. So you know that one is already in use. I've used the Air Wick ones for a while so I'm interested to see which brand lasts longer. Also available singularly in range of scents Wall plug-in - $15 I think I have a mild obsession with those mini antibacterial hand gels. It was nice to see the Fall scents available and they also had a few of the classics.

Would I Repurchase? Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub vs St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

Lemme tell you, all face scrubs are not created equal. So to answer the question straight away; I would repurchase both of these, for different reasons. Let's get into it. I first heard about Biore when their Pore Strips were all the rage. I'm not sure if I ever tried them, but I'm always tempted to. Recently I heard a vlogger on  YouTube  rave about their Pore Unclogging Scrub; she had repurchased it several times. So I was like, why not? As seen in Diamond Girl, Broad Street In contrast, I was very familiar with St. Ives products and therefore excited to see them re-brand and add more to the line. A very welcomed addition is the Blemish Control range which targets persons with acne prone skin. Well loved Apricot Scrub (left), Pore Unclogging Scrub (right) Points to note: Texture - the Apricot Scrub is definitely more coarse, though not as coarse as it was years ago. The base of the St. Ives product is more like a lotion whereas the Biore

RiRiHeartsMAC Haul

Before I forget my manners I would like to say a huge thank you to all that conveyed your sentiments for my recent birthday and also the appreciation you have for the blog. I am truly touched and hope to serve you better as time goes by. *sob* Wunna too sweet . Now to the good stuff... Yall ain't even wanna know that receipt total The most anticipated M.A.C collection finally graced the local counters yesterday. Let me state up front, that I was disappointed with the limited supply our stores received. Rihanna IS Barbadian; need I say more? Stupse. Another weird thing that happened, the brushes launched with this collection weren't sent. Not that I wanted them - cause you know how I feel about machine cut M.A.C brushes - but still, ber? Point is, quite a few people were at the M.A.C stores early and loads of them left  disappointed . What I can advise you to do for future collections, (there's another collaboration collection with Rihanna coming out later t