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Why I Have Fallen Out Of Lust With M.A.C

Breathe Mafia. Breathe.
Don't put the hit out on me just yet. As you can see from this post I still love M.A.C. So just hear me out.

The boys would tell you, I'm usually either totally infatuated or completely disinterested...yet with M.A.C I'm somewhere in between. *cue music* Every time I thought that was that, they call me right back/Man they call me right back/Oh no! 10 points if you know that song.

To be fair, I have to say I'm out of lust with the brand. You know, that gotta have it feeling. I used to be that customer spending $400+ at every Christmas launch but for the last two holiday collections I haven't purchased a thing. That doesn't mean I don't still spend my money there. As you can tell from our give-aways this year, I clearly do; but I certainly shop a lot more wisely than I did three to four years ago. Here's why:

2013 M.A.C Stash -
posted on our Facebook page January 11, 2013

Knowledge IS power

When I "graduated" from shopping for Revlon in the back of Cave Shepherd to M.A.C at the front I thought I had arrived. *cackle* The magical construct that is the internet has really broadened my horizons. I now know and appreciate that M.A.C is a mid range cosmetics line. As such, I seriously weigh the option (for certain items) of saving up a few dollars more and purchasing from a brand that is either more luxurious or ingredient conscious. M.A.C does quite a few things very well but there are also quite a few products that other brands, sometimes even drug store brands, do better. As I told Sharalee (hey girl!) last week, if you try an Urban Decay Revolution, Too Faced La Creme, or YSL lipstick you may not go back.
That said, I know availability/instant gratification is always a factor when we women shop but I don't want you to waste the money I have. Wherever possible, please research products before you purchase.

Inflated Prices

Yes yes, the price of oil affects everything and blah blah blah but M.A.C prices have steadily increased over the last three years. Don't lewwe talk 'bout the bump up they put on products with limited edition packaging. Honestly I never really gave much thought to this. That was until the Rihanna Fall Collection came out. Those eyeshadow quads were $44USD. A Chanel quad is $59USD. A M.A.C powder blush from the permanent line is $21USD whereas one from Tarte is $26USD. See previous point.
What's worse is how many products they've actually lowered the content amount of and still increased the price; *cough* pigments. Oh, and the next time you get a chance check how much product is in a Dazzleglass.
Research people!

Dafuq is up with all these limited edition collections?

No, but seriously. M.A.C is not the only guilty party is this trend but they certainly are doin dah most. Temptalia seems to post a new M.A.C launch every two weeks. If you check though our Facebook page wall photos you can see how many of the collections we've covered. And the materialistic consumer machine that is the YouTube beauty community tends to perpetrate that if you ain't got the latest thing you must be living under a rock. But when yuh buy all these things where yuh gine store them? Den de storage unit prices gine up cause they know that the capitalist regime promoting hoarding so women need stuff to store more stuff in...
Wait, this isn't a rant.

M.A.C Hey Sailor! Launch 2012 -
Terrica at the Hey Sailor! launch. June 2012

M.A.C Heavenly Creatures, July 2012 -
Heavenly Creatures. July 2012

M.A.C Office Hours, October 2012 -
Office Hours. October 2012

M.A.C Marilyn Monroe, October 2012 -
Marilyn Monroe, October 2012 😍

M.A.C Apres Chic, December 2012 -
Apres Chic, December 2012

M.A.C Glamour Daze, November 2012 -
Glamour Daze, November 2012

M.A.C Archie's Girls Launch -
Official photo from the Archie's Girls launch. March 2013

Limited stock sent to the Caribbean

At no time was this more prevalent and painful than with these Rihanna collections. How on earth could they send such a limited number of products to the country where de woman born?! Then to hear that the same issue occurred in Trinidad and Jamaica. Like, fuh real? Lemme not digress again...

For a brand that is touted as having an extensive complexion product range for black women (one of the first to do so might I add); why everything to suit particular colour ranges - I personally belly aching about NC50 - always out of stock? It's literally like if you don't make friends with a M.A.C artiste yuh in duck's guts.

That said if you are interested in getting anything from the Rihanna holiday collection I suggest you get to the M.A.C stores five minutes before they open on Friday.

If the goons get me, just know that I only wished for you to have more information before you part with your hard earned money.

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