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Product Rave | Bath & Body Works - Stress Relief 'Eucalyptus Spearmint'

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmahgad. I will cut to the chase; whatever you find in this scent, buy it. I've said numerous times how effective scent is - it is the strongest memory trigger yuh know- but this particular line has reaffirmed my belief in aromatherapy. The site doesn't offer a description of the scent but it does state:  "Eucalyptus Essential Oil clears the mind while Spearmint Essential Oil uplifts to help improve concentration". It all started with the three wick candle... InYouvations image I am in love. On a bad day, on a good day, light this baby up and breathe deep. Deep . Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Then came the travel size body lotion. The funny story here is that I refuse to buy body lotion because I want to use up the ones I have and then just use coconut oil on my skin; but this scent lawwwwwdddd it got my number! When I thought ok, this is all they made to hook me...I saw the PocketBac. Jesus take the wheel .  Then, as tho

Pure Source Haul

Whazzzzzzzzz uppppppppppp?! In this  product rave  I introduced you to the awesomeness that is  Pure Source Barbados . I always enjoyed taking a sniff around the store, even before my blogging days, but even more so now that I've become more aware of the awesome brands they carry. A few months ago I posted quite a few of the products available on our  Facebook page . Pure Source is where I first saw the black Up line and I'm constantly seeing products there that I've only heard about on YouTube. Recently, I made a few purchases strictly with travel in mind. I wanted another  Ren kit for Combination Skin ; of the three products included I had completely used the Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel (0.85 fl. oz.) and figured it would be a good idea to have one to take on my trip. I will do a separate review on this line when I have used it for a bit longer but for now I can tell you that I enjoy using the Cleansing Gel with my  Clarisonic Mia 2 . Initially I

Top Ten 'Meh' Products for 2013

*cue music* And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain... I really appreciate the response to this 'Top Ten' series; and I trust that means it was helpful. God willing it will be an annual occurrence. In  the last post , I alluded to this segment coming to a close. After my round up of  nail ,  eye  and  lip  standouts as well as my favourite  brushes  and  blushes  you may wonder what's next...wait, the title gave it away. I've let you know of products that straight up don't work for me in the Letting Go series . Here are the things I ain't quite sure how I really feel about/ain't win me over like I thought they would. Sidebar: I rarely 'drink the koolaid' but YouTube has a way of hyping up products and things can get a lil crazy. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder: Dim Light Easily the product I researched the most on before purchasing, I even asked  a vlogger who works for Hourglass  what shade he recommends for my skin tone

Top Ten Base Products for 2013

Alright folks, we're winding down. To do a Top Ten Foundations post would be stretch cause it'll probably just be a rehash of this video.  If you've been following the blog though you know that perfecting the face is what I spend the most time on. Admittedly, I don't have the worst acne or scarring but I do suffer from post acne hyper pigmentation because I can't help but to squeeze the 'face demons' as  Heidi  calls them. Terrible I know . So the following are my favourite things for achieving that flawless face. Serum - Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Just to be clear, I still use my  Lancome Visionnaire  but this baby came in and switched da game up. On loaaaaads of face serums/lotions/balms you will see the claim of "evens out skin tone". Not many of them actually do. As I've said before, moisturized skin automatically looks more youthful and even. *cue Katt Williams voice* this product right here... this one evens out your skin

Top Ten Nail Products for 2013

If you've read my recent  nail polish post  you are pretty much up to speed on my favourites. Still, I thought it best not to leave nails out of this 'Top Ten' series so let's recap shall we... Zoya Nail Polish I can't even name a colour, just the brand in general. I have not met a dud. Impressive no? Zoya can be purchased from Bio Beauty, Coconut Walk, Hastings Essie 'Play Date' This could just be my favourite  lavender polish . It screams Spring. That don't happen in Bim but heyyyyy. Ruby Kisses 'Blues Clue' My girl Paula from  Pau Prints  put this on my toes one day and made me a believer. Y'all know Ruby Kisses price is right too. Speaking of blues... Essie 'Butler Please' Renamed 'Barbados Blue' by yours truly. Feeling patriotic? Just put this on. And to round out the Essie train... 'A Cut Above' You knew that was coming. My absolute favourite accent detail.

'Make Out 2014'

That isn't as juicy as it sounds. A few weeks ago I threw out a little challenge on our Facebook page  asking who'd be interested in going on a little strict shopping list with me for the year. No takers. LOL. 'Make out 2014' is not my concept but rather a huge feat YouTube vlogger  Christine  undertook last year to get out of the madness of having to be up on the latest; and as a result amassing huge amount of products she couldn't possibly get through in six lifetimes. She took inventory of what she had, decided what she wanted her ideal collection to be cut down to and then resolved that she was only going to purchase 10 items for 18 months. This appeals to me cause you already know how I feel about  hoarding  plus the blogger thing can easily become overwhelming if you don't stop and take stock ever so often. Example: those mascara reviews, like I gine ever catch up? Meanwhile the pile of unopened ones is still growing . #FirstWorldProblems I'm putti

Top Ten Eye Products for 2013

Very much like my  lip products post  this would be more concise if it was my top ten eye shadows but as that isn't really my favourite thing I have expanded the category to include all things eyes. Here goes... Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks You knew that was coming. Best cream shadow base I've tried; when they set they're there for the long haul. Amazing colour range. Blend them out with the Sigma P82 as I mentioned  here  and watch the '1 and done' magic take place. I think my favourite one is still 'Plum' but 'Pink Spark' is kicking butt too. I still want 'Amethyst', 'Cocoa' and 'Khaki'. Lord have mercy. M.A.C PearlGlide Intense Eye Liner I think you're gonna get tired of hearing my say '1 and done'...this is a lazy girl's answer to a pop of colour. Blend one of these out on the upper or lower lash line (or both) and scream "I woke up like this". The majority of this line contains some shimme